The audience leave with a feeling of having been challenged, entertained, and enlightened. Soulaima Gourani’s impact and high energy level is created in the cross-field of being a woman and leader, Danish and immigrant, young and experienced, provocative and focused, career-minded and family person, entrepreneur and debater. In a vivid language and rapid speed, she delivers a razor-sharp analysis of the temperature of companies — both public and private — and their employees. Do you dare to look yourself in the mirror?

A lecture provides you with new knowledge and specific tools. You will be introduced to latest knowledge and research, combined with Soulaima Gourani’s acute and relevant experiences and opinions, which she has acquired throughout her career working for multinational companies such as Hewlett-Packard and A.P. Moller-Maersk Group and as an adviser of several large and successful companies. Soulaima speaks for a broad range of companies of all sizes in many different industries. She is proficient in English and has been the keynote speaker at many international events in for example Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UAE, India and the U.S.


Ask Yourself:

– Who are our future customers and how will they differ from our current customers?
– How do we reach and create loyalt both with current and prospective customers?
– How can we attract the most talented employees and how can we motivate and retain these?
– How are we going to deal with several different generations on the same workplace?
– Where do we collect new inspiration and are we ready for change?

Soulaima Gourani can help you to find the answers. Through talks, workshops and consulting with her and her business partners you will get new inspiration to find your new path.



Lectures are offered in the fields of management, strategy, career and employee development, and networking. Soulaima engages the audience in an open and active dialogue and discussion about company-specific and personal experiences. A lecture typically takes from thirty minutes up to one to two hours, but it is also possible to structure it as a workshop with a duration of up to three hours. A workshop is a combination of lecture and practical tasks related to the topic of the day. Soulaima Gourani also offers day courses to companies that want to offer their employees a whole day of inspiration, specific tools, new angles, and fresh approach. If you have a particular topic of interest, Soulaima will of course do her best to cover your topic, and the lectures are of course adapted to the current situation of your company or organization.


Lectures are Offered in the Following Fields:

Management, customers, service, and loyalty:

Employee motivation and change management:

Society and entrepreneurship:

Moderator at Panel Discussions

Soulaima Gourani can also be of assistance if you need a competent and charismatic moderator for an important event or panel discussion.




Please contact Soulaima if you wish to book a specific lecture or a combination of more topics tailored to your needs. You can also use the contact form on the right side or at the bottom of this page to send an inquiry to Soulaima.


Speaker’s Bio

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View Soulaima’s TEDx talk: How to ignite and empower children

Soulaima Gourani was voted Denmark’s best speaker in the category Trends and Tendencies in 2010

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