Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance—a question about lifestyle!”



“Work-Life Balance” is a lecture about balance, barriers, and decisions in a busy life with changes, ambitions, marriage, children, and family.
This personal lecture is about life design and trade-offs based on Soulaima’s own experiences from a busy life with two small children, ambitions, an international career, and a long-lasting marriage. This is an active and engaging lecture with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and reflect upon your own life.
Duration: 45–65 minutes.

Varighed 45-65 minutter.


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It is now—or perhaps never

January 24 2013, Samvirke, by Soulaima Gourani
Soulaima Gourani believes that we shouldn’t always postpone things, and we certainly shouldn’t count on it as a fact that there will be a new day tomorrow. Perhaps today is the last day of your life or the life of your loved ones.
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