Soulaima Gourani


Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Broadcasted Keynotes and Online Presentations

Be inspired by one of the most booked online virtual speakers in the world.

Soulaima Gourani has been speaking in more than 35 countries and has done more than 2.000 talks. 


With the Covid-19 virus spreading at alarming rates, most conferences between now and June 2020 have either been canceled or postponed. You could do something else…! Convert your event into a virtual conference. 


Online keynotes are the future of speaking. Soulaima Gourani can broadcast her keynotes and presentations to a remote audience anywhere in the world. She is full of energy and as powerful online as she is in real life. She has got a professional studio in Palo Alto with fantastic light, sound, etc. Sneak peak here!   


She is one of the most popular motivational speakers globally and globally rewarded for her enthusiasm, humor, cutting edge knowledge on the latest trends and tendencies from Silicon Valley and her¬†mind-blowing¬†personal story (the true hero’s journey).¬†


Soulaima Gourani is passionate about her online presentations, and assessments of her speeches have been very positive. Also, it is a cost-efficient way to have Soulaima Gourani speak for you and your audience. 


We can also help YOU run your next webinar and keynote remotely as a real pro! 


Moving conferences online can solve other problems: it reduces travel costs, environmental pollution, and accessibility concerns. Cutting out the in-person costs can also significantly reduce the admission price and let conference organizers invest more of their budget into speakers. For Soulaima Gourani to speak in person, she will often have to travel many hours to get your event, and you will need to pay her a (very) good hotel and fly her back to Silicon Valley.

Broadcasting her keynotes and presentations saves a lot of traveling, CO2, and other expenses.


Why companies prefer online keynotes

Interfacing with a screen is often more normal than interacting with someone face-to-face. It empowers interaction, even for shy people. Introverted people are more apt to weigh in on a discussion when it’s a digital dialogue since they can write questions along with the presentation.

Broadcasting keynotes are less expensive. It allows a virtually unlimited people to enroll; you can record it and share it with others after the presentation. 


Her webinars, talks, and presentations are NOT at all stereotypical 45-60 minute presentations with PowerPoint slides.  The best format is (after a short introduction with an emcee) a short 20-25 minute lecture/presentation with a colorful deck, followed by a 15-20 minute Q&A, or sometimes with a panel. 


Her style is VERY interactive for audiences, and as a real expert on different online video and conference platforms, she can help you engage your audience through surveys, polls, and chat.

Attendees can even chat with each other to discuss the event in progress.

Ask for Soulaima Gourani to come to join your virtual conference as an online speaker OR as an online EMCEE.  



United Nations, World Economic Forum (WEF), The Impact Lab (NYC), The One Health Company/FidoCure (USA), INCAE (Costa Rica), JOLT (NYC) Stenaline (Scandinavia), Lederne (Denmark) and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) just a few of many references.


Online moderation

An often very overlooked part of any online experience, debate, webinars, and discussions is the role of the online EMCEE/moderator/host. 


As host, you got many responsibilities:


  • You are the primary contact before, during, and after the event.
  • How to prepare your speakers?
  • Tips on how to look professional (light/sound/backdrop)
  • How to get people to join your event (invite/marketing)
  • How to get good speakers?
  • How to ask questions during a webinar/event?
  • How to monitor activities and discussions?
  • How to create “break out rooms” for participants etc.


We offer a 5 hours coaching package /online training (1 person) incl. live feedback on your future session(s)= $2.000. Send us an email for a request or booking. 

Soulaima Gourani, your virtual EMCEE and online keynotespeaker



‚ÄúMy colleague from WEF‚Äôs government affairs team who joined had nothing but kudos.¬†Soulaima, phenomenal hostess as always‚ÄĚ.¬†Kelsey Goodman,¬†Community Specialist, North America,¬†World Economic Forum

‚ÄúYou and your space look better than anybody I have seen featured anywhere and news are now full of pictures of people doing zoom‚Ä̬†Anu Bradford, Distinguished Professor of Law and International Organization at the Columbia Law School

“Soulaima Gourani is very professional and a great host. I would recommend her for leadership circles, meetings, virtual conferences, or any gathering of business professionals. She got the ability to adapt quickly and effectively connecting people as this COVID-19 Crisis will concentrate more to the human beings mental health” Danae Bezantakou, Managing Director. NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS LTD¬†

“I‚Äôve now done a ton of webinars (like everyone else in this new normal) and I‚Äôve not seen someone more mindful about webinar structure and also webinar flow than Soulaima. From her I‚Äôve learned the key to creating a comfortable ‚Äúspace‚ÄĚ for communicating and connecting amidst Covid.”¬†Christina K. Lopes,¬†CEO,¬†FiduCure

Soulaima, you nailed it! Feedback from the team was outstanding, and their engagement throughout the talk made it very clear that they were enjoying and learning so much. They reached our and already want the next Jolt talk. Nitzan Cohan Arazi, Co Founder, JOLT

Soulaima was really great and the team was inspired!
The sound and video quality were very high! I don’t have any suggestions for improvements.¬†Alon Alroy, Co Founder of Bizzabo

Very inspirational, she provides substance for reflection, serious and spiced with a good humor. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the audience afterwards.¬†Boardmember, “Lederne Storstr√łmmen”