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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Gamechanger – Emotional Intelligence Matters

“This lecture teaches you how to inspire confidence in other people and create social relationships to benefit your career.”

This talk is relevant for all with responsibility for employees, customers, suppliers, students or  citizens.

We used to believe that high IQ, by definition, results in a successful career and that companies consistently focus on hiring the smartest people with the highest grades. That is not necessarily how it is today because the focus on high IQ is now shifting to EQ, or emotional intelligence. EQ represents a person’s combined ability and motivation to understand other people and the ability to be part of relationships. Companies are increasingly looking for employees with emphatic abilities, intuition, self-knowledge, and social skills. They cast their employees based on the criterion that they have to be persons whom others remember and whom people will trust. Even job positions that were traditionally characterized as introvert and internally oriented today require collaboration and contact with other people, and therefore, it is important for everybody to train their EQ and try to inspire confidence in other people.

You must inspire confidence in people
All of us—including consumers, coworkers, and employees—have become more critical and seek authentic individuals and people whom they can trust. We are no longer buying from the salesman who is driving a big car or wearing the most expensive suit, but from the person we trust the most. This is true not only when talking about salespeople but in dealing with all types of professional relationships. Therefore, trust is the most important prerequisite for growth in all companies and organizations, but it is the hardest thing to build and the easiest to lose! Do you inspire confidence or mistrust? Are you recommended by others, or do people warn against working with you? It is of utmost importance for you to know that, and everybody should ask themselves, how can the company and the employees build a strong, trustworthy image?
Every time people meet at a business meeting, a reception, a job interview, or perhaps an investor meeting, you are looked upon subjectively and other people think about their current and future relationship with you. Do they want to spend their valuable time and resources on you? Everybody is studying everybody. The question is whether you know what they are looking for.

Train your EQ
Everybody can work on improving their EQ—unlike their IQ, which they have from birth. You are constantly challenged by new relationships, problems, and new technology; but the question is, how do you tackle these changes? Your reaction to changes is nothing but a learned habit that you have chosen to accept! The next time you consider your need for a professional course to strengthen your profile, you should stop and reconsider. Should you perhaps spend your time nurturing your customers, your network, or your ability to be part of trusting relationships instead? That will show to be a better investment than if you decide to focus only on the development of your professional skills.
This lecture teaches you how to inspire confidence in other people and create social relationships to benefit your career. You will receive concrete advice on how to work with and develop your EQ, as well as how to get your ideas across.

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