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Soulaima Gourani is a keynote speaker and an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking, change management, employee motivation and future of business. She is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and the owner of and

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Team Soulaima

“We are authentic, inspiring, uncompromising, visionary, and challenging.”

Soulaima is a brand and as part of her team, we help and support her so that she can concentrate her energy on talking at your events, designing your company strategy, being on your board or being your private 1:1 coach.

Soulaima Gourani is the CEO of a company who help companies close big deals  – she helps companies get the sales done and she is a speaker and an author and co- owner of 3 other companies/teams. And while she at the airport, in a conference room or in a meeting we update her pages, social media and talk to you on the phone.

Her area of expertise is how to create loyal customers, strong interpersonal skills and motivated employees. That is pretty much it! 

We are authentic, inspiring, uncompromising, visionary, and challenging—the ’no bullshit’-way! Our philosophy is equally simple. We only work with enthusiastic people, we work hard, and love to work in close collaboration with our customers and teams. We work remote and Soulaima Gourani has a great passion for giving us freedom. We have no titles. Often we don’t know where in the world we all are.

We are welcome to work for others and welcome to start our own projects and organizations if we want to. We never have to ask for permission. As we write this, we know that one of our coworkers is moving from Denmark to the United States. One’s in New Zealand, two are in New York City, some are on the mainland of Denmark, some are a bit closer to Copenhagen, and one of them is in England. The majority of us are Danish.

Her closest coworker is her personal assistant – obviously it is Louise (see below). She kind of runs her life so she can fulfill all her responsibilities on the continent in question. She is doing all the magic planning her flights, hotels, talking to clients, closing the contracts etc.

Sometimes Louise is in Hong Kong, sometime she’s in India, and sometimes she’s at Roskilde Festival or in Austin. That’s possible because we don’t have a holiday policy either. We can take as much holiday as we like. And we don’t even need to call in sick. It isn’t even really possible to be “late” for something because all we care about is how much we accomplish – not when we accomplish it. We have have all the freedom in the world. We have deadlines and milestones and a budget (kind of), but we have no KPIs, no Excel Sheets, or reporting requirements. We have no CRM or programs that log our location and use of time. We don’t have “flex jobs” – we have real freedom. If you want to work with us, this is our philosophy! Freedom.

We really want you to like us—we want you to become our fan! It is our ambition to make each meeting and presentation feel too good to be true. We are in the “people business,” and therefore, we cast our employees and customers based on their corporate culture and personal chemistry. Below, you can read more about us – the hardcore team–  and our individual areas of responsibility. If you have any questions or comments to some of the other teams let us know, you are very welcome to contact us.

You can listen to many of the interviews she has been invited to join  (podcasts) they will explain why she is the way she is, and why she works as (much) as she does:

Soulaima Gourani

Speaker, adviser, writer, debater, and board member

More about Soulaima
Soulaima is the pivot of the organization. If you want to know more about her, you can read a general introduction here. You can also read about her private life, key issues, what she is passionate about, or what her CV looks like.

You can contact Soulaima here


Louise Bech Junge

Personal assistant

More about Louise
Louise is the personal assistant of Soulaima, and she is responsible for planning Soulaima’s many activities, meetings, and appointments to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for Soulaima and her many business partners.

You can contact Louise here or + 45 40 96 95 73. 

Frederik Jørgensen


More about Frederik
Frederik is studying econimics and leadership at Aalborg University and have been runnings his own IT company since he was 18 years. He is responsible for the website, if you have qustions or find mistakes, please contact him.

You can contact Frederik here