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Soulaima Gourani is a keynote speaker and an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking, change management, employee motivation and future of business. She is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and the owner of and

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Embrace Changes

“Soulaima was sharp, dynamic and a breath of fresh air to the day. There was also a great deal laughing along the way. A really good presentation!”– Helle Normann, PA, Novozymes A/S

Many companies view their competitors and financial crises as their worst enemies. These are of course real challenges, but Soulaima Gourani believes that staying within the comfort zone is the biggest enemy for the majority of companies. In the next 10–15 years, the business community is facing the biggest call for change since the beginning of the last century, when the agricultural society was transformed into the industrial society. It is a fact that countries like Denmark don’t have a role worth mentioning in the global production sector. Therefore, it is vital that companies can differentiate themselves from the rest and be the first to embrace the constant need for change. The organization’s readiness for change and innovativeness are key components in staying competitive. Are you ready for change?

Organizations that are ready for change need employees who embrace changes. Soulaima Gourani has worked with the implementation of change for more than 10 years, and it is her impression that most people see changes as a “threat” because our minds aren’t prepared to change the status quo. It is thought-provoking that children have many expectations for changes and actively seek them, whereas adults are afraid of changes. Rather than being expectant, we are fearful of changes. This leads to an increased risk of stagnation—both for the employees career-wise and for the company organization-wise.

It is extremely difficult to direct a company through crises and changes if the employees aren’t prepared for change and accept that change is necessary. Change will happen no matter what we do. We are constantly facing new problems, new relationships, new technologies, etc. The question, however, is how you deal with these changes.

The lecture focuses on how changes can be incorporated into the agenda and how to deal with changes in practice. The lecture is relevant for companies that are in the middle of a concrete change process as well as for companies that want to welcome changes in their day-to-day operations.

The lecture focuses on two levels:

  1. The individual employee’s attitude toward change. Here, we work with comfort zones, particularly why and when people become so focused on peace of mind and comfort that they stop pursuing opportunities for improvements both personally and professionally.
  2. The organization’s combined ability to change. Which concrete and available tools can be implemented to achieve the goal of becoming a more change-ready organization?


Please contact Soulaima if you wish to register for a specific lecture or a combination of topics tailored to your needs.

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“Briefly, I have to say that we got a presentation / experience that was truly breathtaking. We got a lot of food for thought and a push in the right direction. A really good lecture – many many thanks.”
Ole Bay Jensen
Education Manager, AspIT

“Soulaima was sharp, dynamic and a breath of fresh air to the day. There was also a great deal laughing along the way. A really good presentation! I am sure that we will see Soulaima again on another occasion.”
Helle Normann
PA, Novozymes A/S

“It was really interesting, inspiring, encouraging for future discussions—and thought-provoking. I hope that I will have the opportunity to get inspiration from you some other time.”
Carsten Gaulshøj
Social education worker and course secretary, City of Esbjerg

“I have talked with several employees today who spontaneously started talking about yesterday. I also listen to talks in the hallways and notice smiling employees. So it worked—you have made a difference!”
Knud Nørgaard
Director, the Technical and Environmental Administration, Jammerbugt Municipality

“Thank you for a really good and motivating lecture that inspired us to meet future challenges. We have received a lot of positive feedback from employees aimed at the lecture, your wonderful personality, and the way you deliver your message.”
René Thorup
Vice center manager

“Thank you for making yesterday special. It was a super presentation. Our participants were very satisfied.”
Anne-Sofi Christiansen
The Danish Society of Dairy Technology

“Thank you for making yesterday special. It was a super presentation. Our participants were very satisfied.”
Anne-Sofi Christiansen
The Danish Society of Dairy Technology

“I would like to thank you for the interesting, inspiring, and well-communicated presentation that you gave at our economic conference. I think that you, with your presentation and style, are able to communicate to everybody’s inner motivation and personal engagement. I have received a lot of positive feedback on your presentation, and I have to say that you are spot-on with your ability to create images, to get us up from our chairs and out of our comfort zone. You addressed what it is really all about: the desire to make a difference and be successful. It is amazing for everybody to feel that that is the very reason we go to work every day. Personally, I was so fascinated with your ability to create an image of the differences between generations. That is a very important input for the City of Gentofte’s continued business development to understand that the gap between generations is getting shorter and that we even now have to get to move on if we want to target your son’s generation, who can’t understand that the timetable “can’t do more.” Thank you for your story and for generously sharing your exciting experiences!”
Jens Peter Friis
Finance director, City of Gentofte

“People were fully satisfied, so it was good that you were able to visit us.”
Birgitte Rav Degenkolv
Vice director, Gentofte Hospital

“Thank you for a super presentation—it was really inspiring. You got a lot of praise from my colleagues whom I had the chance to talk with afterwards. Big words from the steady people of South Jutland, so you must have done something right. I am currently working on an assignment for a module on the management diploma education, and I will definitely include some of the things you said.”
Karin Jespersen
Afdelingschef, EUC Syd

“You have received straight 5s, except for a couple of 4s and 3s, so that is really good. Your average is 4.9. That is the highest for all speakers. I will also give you a 5, but my grade doesn’t count. ;-)”
Cem Arslan
Management Events

“You gave a super presentation about networking arranged by the Financial Services Union Denmark in Aarhus this autumn. I was blown off my seat . . .”
Mette Ølund Egeblad
Danske Bank

“Yes, there has been a lot of talk—positive feedback and enthusiasm. The energy was good at the dinner afterwards, which is an indication that your presentation was a good finish to a challenging autumn focused on innovation and change management.”
Heather Johannsen
Administrative officer

“Thank you for a brilliant presentation today. You made an impression that we can use on our continuing journey!”
Peter Enevold
Tietgen Business College

“Thanks for a superb lecture and we got great feedback. Everyone was really impressed and asked how we got in touch with you.”
Ole Dinis Jensen
Supply Chain Manager, West Pharmaceutical Services