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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Improve internal cooperation

“I am so impressed with your commitment and energy! You made a big impression on me.”– Ditte Staunstrup, FLSmidth



How is your team “getting along” with other departments in the company? How is the remote working going? 

Learn to maximize your team’s productivity and results by building synergistic relationships with other departments – despite where you are located. 


Many companies want to see more cross-functional cooperation. For years we have been talking about breaking down silos. 


The solution is not breaking them down but rather cooperating better across silos and professional boundaries. It is more important to change the attitude toward other silos than to restructure and design new organizational structures, KPI structures, etc. 


It is essential to understand that the transition from working individually (in a department) to working with cooperation (in an organization) isn’t an intellectual process, but rather an emotional process. 


The reason people don’t cooperate is often based on:


  • fear of the unknown—fear of loss of power, (catching the virus/health) customers, money, and prestige—and
  • lack of knowledge of/respect for other departments’ knowledge, opinions, and expertise.


It is about drawing attention to what the company gains from cooperation across departments, as well as what the customers will achieve from such focus.


To succeed with cooperation versus silo thinking, it is essential to understand the need and have the will to


  • build respect between departments/silos,
  • create horizontal alliances and network internally, and
  • realize the strengths of diversity.


The combination of Soulaima Gourani’s extensive knowledge of change theory, which she teaches at business schools, and her practical experience in building relationships internally in an organization results in a realistic and implementable lecture.


Soulaima Gourani writes and talks in public a lot about how to improve and embrace conflicts, diversity, and uncertainty. Please do read one of her many contributions


This lecture can be accomplished by having a cross-departmental kick-off meeting, where you invite relevant leaders and departments to join the conversation and set the vision.




Please contact Soulaima if you wish to register for a specific lecture or a combination of topics tailored to your needs.


You can also use the contact form on the right side or at the bottom of this page to send an inquiry to Soulaima.

As inspiration read Soulaima CNBC interview. In Forbes wrote on the topic as well, read it here. 



“It was very inspiring to have a visit from Soulaima! She is a very skilled speaker with a lot of sharp messages, which have an impact on people. wow!”
Lene Lykkegaard
Strategisk konsulent

“I certainly think that it had a clear message! The things you choosed linked well with the other posts we had on the boot camp. The way of everything reached a higher level, was great.”
Betina Buggild
PwC, Senior Consultant

“Thank you for an immersive and engaging lecture at our Top Management Conference last week. I am sure that your evaluation score is high”
Lotte Jensen
Event Manager, IT-Industry

“We were very happy to hear your lecture. I also think that you managed to cover essential areas—and created a lot of food for thought in a warm and invigorating way—thank you for that. Your focus on emotional intelligence was spot-on and a good match to the focus that we have on the development of the organization’s social capital (development of trust, collaboration, and fair processes). It is a long development process, but the right focus is there, and we are working on it throughout the organization. Thank you again. I hope that we will cross paths again in the future.”
Jette Kjærulff Kristiansen
HR development consultant, City of Aalborg

“I would like to thank you for a very inspiring workshop. I have heard from several employees that this was the best seminar that we ever had, and you were a big contributing factor to this with your great personality and inspiring message. I hope that we will have the chance to work together again in the future!”
Åsa Kajrup
Recruitment manager, Entry Point North AB

“I am so impressed with your commitment and energy! You made a big impression on me.”
Ditte Staunstrup

“It was simply fantastic. I have received a lot of good feedback, and the management was also very impressed. We really got the boost that I was hoping for. You are fantastic. :o)”
Catharina Bøgelund Hansen
Esboenderup Hospital

“I can give you the feedback that your presentation, in my opinion, was delivered at a time when the participants really needed to smile a little and even be enriched with new knowledge to take home. So, Soulaima, based on the atmosphere and what people have said to me afterwards, your presentation, your commitment, and your bubbling language helped create a super atmosphere at the Children’s top meeting.”
Jessie Brender Olesen
Consultant, Local Government Denmark’s Office for Children and Culture

“Thank you for making yesterday special. It was a really good and inspiring presentation. I am convinced that we will hit the ground running today . . . But thanks again. Thanks for the energy injection. You did a great job.”
Jørgen Christiansen
Chief executive, Langeland Municipality