The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise works to ensure that the ability to be innovative becomes a fundamental element in all educations from primary school to PhD. Innovation and entrepreneurship must to a higher degree be integrated in the educations and become deeply rooted at the educational institutions.

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise allocates funding for the development and further development of education with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels of the education system. The Foundation also develops and publishes its own educational material, advises on the implementation of entrepreneurship in teaching, and facilitates the cooperation and networking about entrepreneurship education.

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Entreprise works as a knowledge centre to diffuse and communicate results from research about entrepreneurship teaching. Through surveys and analyses the Foundation also helps generate new knowledge about the spreading and impact of entrepreneurship education in Denmark.


The Foundation for Entrepreneurship is an inter-ministerial partnership between four ministries and on the basis of the then government’s overall strategy for entrepreneurship education.

In 2012 the strategy was replaced by a new innovation strategy ‘Denmark – a nation of solutions’ which has a set goal for the innovation capacity of educations – a goal which the Foundation contributes to reaching.

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Entreprise was established within the frames of the former Selvstændighedsfonden and has sustained its membership of the international organisation Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise. Young Enterprise is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of strengthening young people’s competences in self-employment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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