Soulaima Gourani


Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Unstuck and Unfuck

“Through the whole lecture I had a tear in my eye, and it is only when I am very touched, emotive or amused that happens!!” – Christian Anker Jørgensen, Project Manager, Siemens A/S, Healthcare Sector

Ever heard of LIFE DESIGN? Learn how to design your future.

This lecture is not for oversensitive people!

Done with passivity, postponements, and bad excuses! Sack your inner white-collar worker and take on yourself again based on new living conditions. You need to let go of traditional thinking and realize that nobody will come and save you. Let go of the white-collar worker mentality and its accompanying safety net and look at your life with new eyes. As a human being, Soulaima Gourani is quite concerned with development to guard against a phaseout, loss of market value, and boredom caused by an uninspiring (professional) life. As the co-founder of Women Reignite life design is very close to her heart.

Do you want to be inspired and prompted to take the first step?

Soulaima Gourani talks about how we are developing into nations of white-collar workers who are bored stiff in an uninspiring job working for a boss we don’t like! It is okay to be discontented as long as you don’t grumble in secret. Let go of the feedback burger and say what is on your mind. Be yourself—and utilize your abilities to the max. Take responsibility for your life!

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Are you worried about the future?

You don’t have to ignore it. Dissatisfaction and depression (in moderate doses) are fine because these emotions are trying to tell you something. Do you listen? Dissatisfaction can be an excellent driver for development. Personal development isn’t about meeting a coach a few times a year. It is lifelong learning in which you continuously develop and challenge yourself and your current situation.

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“Soulaima Gourani’s Life Design felt like attending a concert with an inspirational, authoritative and absolute artist. It included fast and slow tunes with all the strength, they could contain. There were touching, provocative and amusing tales and thoughts, as well as the central fact that Soulaima Gourani touched upon important subjects and that she substantiated each important point with her own experiences. You just can’t leave without a small handful of epiphanies.” Anne Kirstine Winkler

The workshop lived up to all expectations of high quality. Soulaima was very present and skilled at conveying her message with seriousness and humour. I was completely engulfed by every sentence and I sucked in every word. I left the workshop full of renewed energy and totally inspired to do something about my ambitions! And now, four days later, I am still fit for fight!” Participant in workshop

“I got so much inspiration from my first sparring with Soulaima, that I felt high for several days afterwards. Soulaima is sharp as a knife and she has given me – and not least my small company – and giant push in the right direction:-)” Rikke Bach