Soulaima Gourani


Soulaima Gourani is a virtual keynote speaker and co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based software company "Women Reignite Inc." She is a YGL/Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and named #30 in the world by Thinkers50.

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LIFE DESIGN – create the life you dream about


Why is it that people are daydreaming about the life they could have, without doing anything about it in real life?

Give your employees, students, members or partners the ultimate workshop

Let them design their ”perfect” life

For almost 15 years, Soulaima has lived a life which she has customised entirely to fit her own needs based on her values and passions.

Nobody tells her when or where she should be or with whom she is going to work. She travels around the world and brings her children along with her. She meets interesting people, she works with government leaders, executives, young entrepreneurs, and she advises the UN Women and sits on a number of international boards, to name just some of her activities. She lives the dream of many. She lives in Palo Alto with the love of her life for 23 years.

Any dream can come true if you design it.

The Ultimative Life Design Workshop

This workshop is 50% presentation by Soulaima.  She tells her own story about the girl from small town Padborg who wasn’t expected to have a great future and about how she met the Pope and today is considered one of the most influential people in the world.  She will tell you how it happened and how her life design looks today. That will inspire most people to start thinking about their own lifedesign.

Soulaima Gourani will inspire, provoke and share lots of proven design thinking methods and tools to make your own life design.

Soulaima Gourani have given talks on  “life design” in such places as Harvard Kennedy University and on INCAE in Miami and at Stanford University (as part of a future of education workshop).

The remaining 50% of the time is spent on exercises between the participants.

Your employees/students will return home with a renewed drive and a concrete plan for how to get started with their own life design.

As a supplement to the workshop you will receive relevant reading materials including Soulaima’s  besteller e-book “No More Excuses” ( a workbook full of tips, models and cases to learn from) 

The workshop has a duration of 3 + hours. It can be live in person or online.

This workshop is perfect for trade unions, networking groups, ambitious companies, management networks and for students basically for all people who want to design their next career.



“I would once again like to express my gratitude that I thanks to your Life Design Master Class and great advice gained courage to start mu own business as a freelance consultant from 1.01.2018.”
– Karen Høi


“I got so much inspiration from my first sparring with Soulaima, that I felt high for several days afterwards. Soulaima is sharp as a knife and she has given me – and not least my small company – and giant push in the right direction:-)”
– Rikke Bach


“I got full value for money! It was very inspiring. The conversation gave me a lot of concrete things with which I can continue to work.”
– Eva


“You’ve delivered what we agreed to my full satisfaction. Especially your energy and honesty give our members inspiration to take responsibility for their own (working) lives.“
–Torben Folke Måsson, Finance Association


“Soulaima is an incredibly inspirational woman who is able to convey her strong message with seriousness and humour. It takes a lot to inspire me – but I can’t help but being inspired after three hours together with Soulaima. Soulaima shoots out pure gold – and you’re really missing out on something, if you don’t allow yourself to get hit by her golden bullets! After my meeting with Soulaima at the Life Design workshop I feel even more confident about my ambitions and goals as a female entrepreneur wearing a scarf in Denmark. Thank you for the petrol, Soulaima”
– Louiza Kaadach


“Soulaima Gourani’s Life Design felt like attending a concert with an inspirational, authoritative and absolute artist. It included fast and slow tunes with all the strength, they could contain. There were touching, provocative and amusing tales and thoughts, as well as the central fact that Soulaima Gourani touched upon important subjects and that she substantiated each important point with her own experiences. You just can’t leave without a small handful of epiphanies.”
– Anne Kirstine Winkler


“Standing in your own light. You only have one chance, one life”. Were some of the inspiring words from Soulaima. Because it is so true. It made me think through my own life design. A bit faster, but also more thorough.”
– Tanja Tifre


Other participants have said:

“The workshop lived up to all expectations of high quality. Soulaima was very present and skilled at conveying her message with seriousness and humour. I was completely engulfed by every sentence and I sucked in every word. I left the workshop full of renewed energy and totally inspired to do something about my ambitions! And now, four days later, I am still fit for fight!”


“The workshop was amazing, all the way from a kind reception, an energetic and really inspiring Soulaima, delicious food and drinks, nice rooms and not least an informal and relaxing atmosphere between all the participants. I really got fuelled up and couldn’t “land” once I got home – it was a great experience – thank you.”


“I experienced the workshop as a clinic rather than as an actual workshop. I had expected (and feared) group work and exercises that had to be presented to the crowd, but perhaps the duration of the workshop should have told me that that wasn’t really the goal. It suited me fine, as I am still in process and I like to process things in peace before receiving feedback. Perhaps it is more accurate to refer to it as a clinic.”


“Really good. And also good that we received a booklet to bring back home with various perspectives/questions to take on life design. Good thing with a closed Facebook group. Which I hope will be used. Nice that something was posted just a short while after. Because it makes us connect as a group.And that it is recorded on video. So I can go back and re-listen to everything.”