Soulaima Gourani

Founder of Happioh Virtual Meeting Software. Expert in Digital Products & Virtual SAAS Services & Online Keynote speaker and On-camera & Broadcast Community Host.

She is Ranked #30 in the World.

Soulaima Gourani is a Silicon Valley-based software entrepreneur.
She is a much sought after online virtual motivational keynote speaker with more than 2.000 talks under her belt. 

She live stream her keynotes worldwide on topics such as “Women in Business and Women in Leadership,” “Understanding People, HR, and the Next Generations,” “Digital Disruptions, Resilience & Reinvention,” “The Future of Work and How to Design and “Live in the World Post COVID-19”.

She is a bestselling author with more than 16 published books. One of them sold more than 360.000 copies. In 2019 and 2020, she was rewarded as leader, thinker & entrepreneur by Thinkers50. 

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