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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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“Make everyone walk in the same direction”

Throw out the flashy slogans and punchlines. Basically, values are something that is created by the people who work for and in the company. Soulaima Gourani is a strong advocate for vales based leadership and value based lifedesign. She is running the biggest lifedesign online community in Scandinavia:


Soulaima Gourani knows how to find and live accordingly to your core values. Her keynote talk “Growth With Purpose” is linked to this workshop:

Most companies communicate positive values (slogans) that they want all of their employees to adhere to. Typically, management has come up with these slogans. Studies show that value statements only have an effect if the employees understand them and can translate them into specific actions in their daily work.

For many years, gurus (for example, Tom Peters) have discussed the value of having a strong value statement. However, many people feel that their companies do not have the right set of values. They quite simply do not reflect reality, and often they mainly focus on financial objectives.

In their true nature, values are basic, action-oriented, and relevant life rules that everyone in the company is expected to adhere to.

Many employees do not know or cannot recognize their company‚Äôs values. This situation is disastrous and can result in severe economic consequences to a company. As an example, many organizations write that they ‚Äúput the customer first.‚ÄĚ However, in reality the employees and the customers do not always have that experience. Values should be about what the company expects from its employees, managers, shareholders, and the society; and they should reflect an ambitious purpose greater than the company itself.

Values do not drive the company; they lead those who work for and in the company.

Analyze the company’s values to ensure that they reflect reality.

Three hours of hands-on workshop with the whole organization.

A more well-balanced organization with employees who feel that they are being taken seriously‚ÄĒand thereby a more motivated organization.

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