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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Testimonials from one-on-one-sparring

See what clients who experienced Soulaima Gouranis one-on-one sparring sessions say:

“Soulaima has a unique ability to quickly and accurate understand any business and management situation and consider all its nuances of possibilities and challenges – and she always has powerful input for solutions. She’s also great at acting as a mirror for you and showing you the things you don’t see yourself. This means that she helps you create a powerful space for personal development.”
Charlotte Møller Andersen
Manager, Experian Danmark

“A couple of hours spent talking to Soulaima Gourani strengthens you in terms of keeping focused on the overall organization and its development instead of drowning in operational tasks. Aspects related to sales and management are considered from a starting point of networks and relationships and the motivation and inspiration to make personal and professional progress is given a shove in the right direction.”
Ryan Lauridsen
Head of Department, International Sales, FLSmidth

“Soulaima Gourani has a wonderfully critical and professional attitude to your business and you’ll most likely be surprised by the level of detail she provides for all areas imaginable. She focuses on things like whether your organization is keeping up with you, whether you’re establishing the kind of network that’ll benefit you, and whether your project groups are put together properly. Furthermore, she’s focused on sales and service, which is often neglected by others – the areas that bring in money and where your business is eligible.
Soulaima will give your plans and ideas for the future a breath of fresh air. She challenges everything from gender, age, and experience in project groups to the service you provide and all the prejudices you have about your own business. She gives me the courage to try new things and bring out the best in my organization in a provocative and charming way. She’s my best critic.”
Bo Lundberg
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, DONG Energy

“Both myself and other members of management use Soulaima Gourani as a sparring partner in connection with ongoing organizational development of FLSmidth Customer Services. In a short amount of time, she has managed to wrap her head around our business and used a combination of theory and personal experience to ensure that we’re working on the right part-goals to achieve our overall goal. She challenges us strategically and in terms of operational excellence. Soulaima has a direct approach to our problems that has helped us create a new way of approaching these challenges.”
Christian Halken
General Manager, FLSmidth Customer Services

“I’ve known Soulaima Gourani for many years and have worked with her and used her consulting services for various purposes. She’s an energetic person with a winning character. She has a unique ability to foster relationships and use them for the benefit of business. She works in a goal-oriented and efficient manner to ensure that projects are implemented according to the plan. I wholeheartedly recommend Soulaima for tasks in business where sales and professional relationships are at the core.”
Søren Steffensen
Int. Retail Director, Noa Noa

“Soulaima Gourani is a fantastic business partner. She is a professional with an excellent attitude and she is marketing-savvy. She is one of the most trusted people with whom I have done business , and she understands how to do business the “good way”. You can not go wrong working with her on anything. Good luck to Soulaima Gourani Aps.”
Ole Søndergaard
Executive Sales Director, Member of Executive Board, AirManager Nordic A/S

“Soulaima Gourani has an amazing ability to push things to the point where you have to start working on your own personality – are you visible? Are you using your strengths the right way? Do you have enough clout to achieve the results you’re aiming for? Soulaima Gourani sets all of that – and more – in a perspective that’s useful and easy to understand.”
Kim Staack Nielsen
CEO, PID (Heads of Human Resources in Danmark)

“What I’ve gained from sparring with Soulaima Gourani includes having learned to say what I want to work with. Until I met Soulaima Gourani, I fully believed the myth that told me that ‘things aren’t always fun’. Now I know that when I’m energized by doing things I find fun. I contribute most when I’m doing things I find fun. I add more value to the tasks at hand and I achieve greater success when I’m doing things I find fun. After having been helped by Soulaima Gourani, I’ve realized that I don’t need to be embarrassed to turn down tasks that aren’t fun. In fact, I consider it an honor! I’ve gotten better at having a critical approach to potential tasks, which means that I’ve said no to more projects than I used to – and that I find more joy and meaning in projects than I used to. Soulaima Gourani: you’re incredibly positive and it’s contagious. I’ve started trying to be more positive ever since meeting you. I just want to be positive! And it’s so simple … but it works!”
A. Hegelskov
Environmental and Process Consultant

“I wholeheartedly recommend sparring with Soulaima. She has an impeccably ability to see where you are in your process and help you take the next step from there. Soulaima’s main strengths are her energy and her ability to think big on behalf of her clients. I’ve made a lot of progress, both in terms of my personal life, but also in terms of what I thought was professionally possible. She isn’t scared to scare her network either, which is a gesture that goes much further than the traditional coach-client relationship. A session with her will leave you happy and full of energy. And thank you for our last sparring session! It made it much easier for me to find the energy and start in the right place.”

“Our last sparring session was great, although I’m sure you know that. You’re amazing. I can’t imagine there’s a Danish (or American) lecturer – or manager, for that sake – who wouldn’t gain a lot from sparring with you.”
Lone Thier
Lecturer, Danmark

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