Here is a list of speakers that Soulaima Gourani recommends and that you can book through Soulaima Gourani.





Lisa Witter – Chief Optimist and Executive Coach.

 Lisa Witter is an award-winning social/political entrepreneur, executive and architect and maker of change.
Book Lisa Witter here lbj@soulaima.dk

Werner Wutscher – Board member and business angel.

Werner Wutscher is a Member of the Board of resPACT, the Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development. He also works as consultant and business angel in the start-up area.

Book Werner Wutscher here lbj@soulaima.dk

Jeremy Klein

Executive coach

More on Jeremy Klein and his talk subjects here.

Book Jeremy Klein here lbj@soulaima.dk

Richard D. Stromback
entrepreneur, investor and advisor

More on Richard D. Stromback and his talk subjects here.

Book Richard D. Stromback here






















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