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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Young Global Leaders

“I congratulate Soulaima on the impressive international recognition as Young Global Leader.” – Manu Sareen, Minister for Gender Equality

It is a great honor to announce that Soulaima Gourani has been chosen as Young Global Leader and will be representing the leadership of the future as a participant in one of the most important forums for growth and welfare in the future. Young Global Leaders is a unique global organization consisting of 700 of the world’s most innovative and forward-looking leaders below the age of 40—all of them with the purpose of shaping our global future. It is an honor to reveal that Soulaima Gourani has been chosen as one of the 192 global leadership talents in 2012, who will work on the creation of ideas and future concepts in one of the world’s most important leadership forums, Young Global Leaders. Young Global Leaders is part of the World Economic Forum, which is an independent international organization whose purpose is to improve the condition of the world. These efforts are managed by members such as Kofi Annan and Christine Lagarde.

The members of Young Global Leaders represent the leadership of the future and come from all parts of the world, representing the business community, government, civil society, arts and culture, academic circles, and media as well as social entrepreneurs. These 192 leaders have been selected based on extensive assessments and eliberations by some of the world’s most prominent leaders. They are chosen based on their ability to affect and create a global future. Click here to see a list of the other leadership talents.

Quotes by Soulaima Gourani

Quote 1
“I feel very honored and proud that I have been chosen as one of the few Danes to ever become a Young Global Leader. The World Economic Forum considers me to be one of the most influential leaders of the future. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest recognitions I can ever imagine. It is a great honor and a fantastic acknowledgment of my work as a corporate adviser, of my activities as a board member, of my contributions as a debater and writer, and of my work as a source of inspiration for the business community in my role as a lecturer.”

Quote 2
“It is very exciting to become part of the exclusive Young Global Leaders network, which is composed of 700 leaders from all corners of the world. Together, we make up a powerful network with the ability to leave a mark in the world, where we are citizens, employees, and leaders. It is a unique opportunity to develop not only my personal but also my professional qualifications through an even more global perspective, which will benefit my work as a corporate adviser, writer, lecturer, and board member. I look forward to bringing knowledge and insight from the global network to my Danish business partners.”

Quote 3
“As a member of the Young Global Leaders, the World Economic Forum, I will contribute to the development of solutions for some of the many pressing challenges the world is facing right now. Actually, I cannot imagine a more relevant time than now to get involved in the international agenda. The world needs a strong international network of thinkers and action-oriented leaders who have the courage to make decisions and the willingness to get involved.”

Quote 4
”Som medlem af Young Global Leaders – World Economic Forum, skal jeg bidrage til at udvikle løsninger pĂĄ de mange presserende udfordringer verden stĂĄr overfor lige nu. Jeg kunne faktisk ikke forestille mig et mere relevant tidspunkt end nu at blande mig i den internationale dagsorden. Verden har brug for et stærkt internationalt netværk af tænkere og handlingsorienterede ledere der tør træffe beslutninger og som er villige til at involvere sig”

Quote 5
”As a new member of the Young Global Leaders, the World Economic Forum, I am part of a forum tasked with shaping growth and welfare for the future. It will be a big challenge, and I look forward to handling this task with people like Kofi Annan and Christine Lagarde. I look forward to bringing new knowledge and insight home to a Danish context.”


“This nomination is an impressive recognition for Soulaima. It is an acknowledgment of hard work, femininity, and professionalism in business. Add to that the fact that Soulaima’s name and background are not typically Danish, and you will see that Soulaima is the best proof in recent times that you can succeed in spite of prejudice and mistaken beliefs. A big congratulation from me, and get down to it—here is an example for inspiration.”
Stine Bosse

Contact Stine through e-mail: or phone: +45 21 23 24 25. Please send a text message before calling.

“I am very happy on Soulaima’s behalf; she really deserves this recognition. And it is an added bonus that the knowledge Soulaima will get through the new global network will benefit the Danish entrepreneurs on her Amino blog. I am very proud on her behalf!”
Martin Thorborg
Founder of the Entrepreneur Portal Amino

Contact Martin through e-mail: or phone: + 45 40 74 42 09.

“Soulaima Gourani is an amazing source of inspiration and a role model to the many young people who participate in our entrepreneurship competitions every year. She is proof that higher education goes hand in hand with the creative urge and the desire to realize your dream.”
Christian Vintergaard
Managing Director, the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship—Young Enterprise

Contact Christian through e-mail:

“I congratulate Soulaima on her impressive international recognition as a Young Global Leader. This is a job well done by a self-employed 36-year-old woman from Copenhagen North. Soulaima is a great example of a pattern breaker who, with insight and visionary courage, becomes an exponent for the leaders of the future. Congratulations from the Ministry for Gender Equality.”
Manu Sareen
Minister for Gender Equality

“Soulaima Gourani is a visionary businesswoman who questions the status quo and uses her charisma, humor, and knowledge to give all of us a push. Soulaima is an excellent choice as a Young Global Leader, and I am convinced that she will continue to make a difference in the years to come. It is a pat on the shoulder that I can fully endorse.”
Lars Nørby Johansen

“Soulaima Gourani is a good choice for a participant of an international network for young businesspeople. To be included in the network, the young candidates must both have a successful career and be active in public debate. In spite of her young age, Soulaima has, for several years, been appearing frequently in the media and in conferences where the business community and social development have been on the agenda. I see it as positive that she, in addition to her obvious qualifications, is a woman. Her gender has not been a deciding factor for her nomination, but I think it is great that a woman from Denmark can assert herself in an important international forum that has historically been dominated by men.”
Niels Boserup
Chairman of the Oticon Foundation