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Soulaima Gourani is a keynote speaker and an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking, change management, employee motivation and future of business. She is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and the owner of and

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“The event was a total success and I got great feedback from our team, employees, and guests – they all loved it! Thank you for making it possible!

You are truly an inspiring woman and hope you keep passing on your wise advice and experience to the world.”
Biz Ops

“You are a very talented stage performer and an inspiring person. I heard great feedback about your performance, like it was the best they had got in years.

Antoine Henry de Frahan

“Your speech here today was excellent in every possible way and the response from the group was great. We all found your speech highly inspirational and it gave us the perfect starting point in the following discussions”

Jakob Boye-Møller

Project manager, Next EUD – Fremtidens Erhvervsskole

“Thank you so much for a fantastic talk, that really sparked thoughts and emotions with all of us. You are highly inspirational and I dare to say that everyone in the room was very impressed by you and of course the content of you talk”

Jakob Centervall 

“I participated in the first workshop with Soulaima Gourani and Lisa Witter on “How to become a better presenter”. It has enabled me in becoming a better leader for my colleagues with immediate feedback following the workshop. I have still to do my first public presentation, but I am sure that the tools and feedback received at the workshop will enable me to improve presentation and “performance” with several 100%. Especially realizing how to build up a presentation and argumentation was an eye opener for me that I can use during my daily work managing my company.”

Helene Quie

Managing Director

“You rock baby…!!!

Awesome talk you held at KMD today. Love you for it. You rule supreme”

Torben Krag

KMD, Denmark 

“It was really interesting, inspiring, encouraging for future discussions—and thought-provoking. I hope that I will have the opportunity to get inspiration from you some other time.”

Carsten Gaulshøj
Social education worker and course secretary, City of Esbjerg

“I have talked with several employees today who spontaneously started talking about yesterday. I also listen to talks in the hallways and notice smiling employees. So it worked—you have made a difference!”
Knud Nørgaard
Director, the Technical and Environmental Administration, Jammerbugt Municipality

“Thank you for a really good and motivating lecture that inspired us to meet future challenges. We have received a lot of positive feedback from employees aimed at the lecture, your wonderful personality, and the way you deliver your message.”
René Thorup
Vice center manager

“Thank you for making yesterday special. It was a super presentation. Our participants were very satisfied.”
Anne-Sofi Christiansen
The Danish Society of Dairy Technology

“I would like to thank you for the interesting, inspiring, and well-communicated presentation that you gave at our economic conference. I think that you, with your presentation and style, are able to communicate to everybody’s inner motivation and personal engagement. I have received a lot of positive feedback on your presentation, and I have to say that you are spot-on with your ability to create images, to get us up from our chairs and out of our comfort zone. You addressed what it is really all about: the desire to make a difference and be successful. It is amazing for everybody to feel that that is the very reason we go to work every day. Personally, I was so fascinated with your ability to create an image of the differences between generations. That is a very important input for the City of Gentofte’s continued business development to understand that the gap between generations is getting shorter and that we even now have to get to move on if we want to target your son’s generation, who can’t understand that the timetable “can’t do more.” Thank you for your story and for generously sharing your exciting experiences!”
Jens Peter Friis
Finance director, City of Gentofte

“People were fully satisfied, so it was good that you were able to visit us.”
Birgitte Rav Degenkolv
Vice director, Gentofte Hospital

“Thank you for a super presentation—it was really inspiring. You got a lot of praise from my colleagues whom I had the chance to talk with afterwards. Big words from the steady people of South Jutland, so you must have done something right. I am currently working on an assignment for a module on the management diploma education, and I will definitely include some of the things you said.”
Karin Jespersen
Afdelingschef, EUC Syd

“You have received straight 5s, except for a couple of 4s and 3s, so that is really good. Your average is 4.9. That is the highest for all speakers. I will also give you a 5, but my grade doesn’t count. ;-)”
Cem Arslan
Management Events

“You gave a super presentation about networking arranged by the Financial Services Union Denmark in Aarhus this autumn. I was blown off my seat . . .”
Mette Ølund Egeblad
Danske Bank

“Yes, there has been a lot of talk—positive feedback and enthusiasm. The energy was good at the dinner afterwards, which is an indication that your presentation was a good finish to a challenging autumn focused on innovation and change management.”
Heather Johannsen
Administrative officer

“Thank you for a brilliant presentation today. You made an impression that we can use on our continuing journey!”
Peter Enevold
Tietgen Business College

“Thanks for a superb lecture and we got great feedback. Everyone was really impressed and asked how we got in touch with you.”
Ole Dinis Jensen
Supply Chain Manager, West Pharmaceutical Services

“Soulaima, thank you so much for a fantastic evening sharing your personal experiences, thoughts and advice with us this evening. You sparked so many discussions, thoughts and important reflections, leaving a ton of enthusiasm and encouragement behind! The feedback was immediate, strong and entirely positive! Not bad for a ‘lagom’ Nordic country :)”
Kristina Najjar
Head of Business Development, Nordic region, Aberdeen Asset Management

“Thank you for the rich input for all of us on both personal and professional levels. You have a fantastic ability to communicate your messages in a very concrete and emphatic way that really makes them useful. Personally, I found that it was a good reminder about values that often get lost in the world of KPIs, forecasts, etc.”
Solvej Ornstrand Lee
Senior director, Samsung

“Soulaima speaks straight to the heart of her listeners. Professional, charming, humorous, and always straight to the point and challenging. She rocks!”
Susanne Grantzau
The Financial Services Union

“Thank you very much for last Saturday. It was super inspiring for me personally, and I know that the girls got something to think about in a good and positive way. It’s amazing that you can be successful, beautiful, AND super sympathetic all at the same time. Thank you for that.”
Pernille Hermansen
Communication and Project, NOA NOA

“In connection to the kickoff of our website lø, we invited Soulaima Gourani to host a workshop on the topic “Do you know your market value? And what can you do to increase it?” Our evaluation showed that all of the participants gave Soulaima full marks. We definitely plan to invite Soulaima Gourani to host more events for us in the future because her provocative and thought-provoking style based on exciting studies and observations helps to shake your preconceived opinions and makes you want to make changes in your professional life. Our collaboration with Soulaima Gourani has worked really well! She is a professional through and through and will continuously offer ideas and suggestions on how an event can have the greatest possible value for your audience in particular.”
Sune Diernæs
Cofounder of lø

“I never mind giving people straightforward criticism, but luckily, I am also capable of praising people when they deserve it. You are calm and committed, and that makes you and your messages stand out as very credible. And then I have to say that you know your stuff!”
Peter Scharff
Senior sales director, Channel Management, TDC Privat

“Soulaima Gourani was inspiring, informative, and provocative. She succeeded in making me look at salary negotiations from a new angle and reflect on my own practice.”
Tina Dencker

“You were just SUPER GREAT—this is also what I have heard from other participants. THANKS!”
Jacob Nymann Petersen
Project manager, Business and Engineering, Aarhus University

“We are very satisfied. The turnout tells us that your topic was spot-on. You have the ability to create motivation and energy, and that is worth its weight in gold!”
Mikkel Jes Hansen
Corporate consultant,