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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Turn customers into fans

“Great lecture and a really good start to the day. We will remember this day for a long time as the day that set new values and perspectives on our work for our benefit and the benefit of our users (fans).”– Nina Andersen, City of Vordingborg

The disruption caused by COVID-19 is profound and has changed the way we live, work, and travel. The future of business is built on TRUST. Imagine you buy a product or a service but you are not fully convinced you can trust the governance, the leadership of that supplier? It doesn’t work right. You as a buyer OR seller want to feel completely safe, seen, and understood.  

This crisis is a timely reminder that we’re all connected and that our relationships matter even more.

When we were transparent with our customers about the switch to digital, we received an outpouring of support. Most companies now are dealing with a new virtual reality, but do we truly understand the challenges and potential? To thrive in sales uncertainty and build relationships of lasting value, one tool in your toolkit stands out above the rest; emotional intelligence.

This lecture will help your organization change the way you respond to and serve your customers.

All participants will learn how much their personal involvement with the customer means for the success of their company. It’s not enough to convince customers to return to your site or store or buy your product more than once. If you really want to take your company to the next level, you need to convert a customer into a fan. Fans are the absolute key to scaling a new business.

Turn your customers into fans of your brand!

See this video and let Soulaima Gourani explain the future for you.

Do you want to motivate your employees to make much closer and longer-lasting customer relationships with the aim of creating long-term relationships, with increased sales as one of the effects? This lecture focuses on customers, services, and personal relationships with customers.

A situation like the one we are in can either damage or strengthen the trust relationships you have with your customers. Learn the best practices from leading companies handling emergency situation.

Many international organizations have ditched the word customer and replaced it with members, fans, or even colleagues.

What happens is that the culture adapts, and the customer gets better service because your mental attitude is changed when you talk about a fan, instead of a client. Would you become a fan of your own company if you were a customer? The question is if your company is ready to open a fan club. Book this lecture and enjoy a fun and thought-provoking hour that will change your mental attitude toward your customers forever!

Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.

—Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

Want to read an e-book on this topic? Get your copy here!


Please contact Soulaima if you wish to register for a specific lecture or a combination of topics tailored to your needs.

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Further Reading

“Make Your Customers your fans”

Nordic Business Forum 2014

Soulaima gives a speech on how to “Make Your Customers your Fans”. Watch clip here

The Serviceindustry of Tomorrow

The Government Summit for the United Arab Emirates, 30th April 2013
Soulaima Gourani was invited to The Government Summit for the United Arab Emirates i February 2013 to talk about the future of the serviceindustry and how to improve customer satisfaction. This video is her main points and insights. Watch clip here.

Scouting and Guiding in a digital age

WLDP, 22nd February 2013
Soulaima Gourani discusses social media, how to reach young people, and create movements. Watch clip here.


“A big THANK YOU for your talk at Dragsholm. It was brilliant and was very well received.

Thomas Haagen
Gorrissen Federspiel

“It had been a stupendous morning for us. On my 3 hour drive home I had numerous phone calls from attendees – everybody had been filled up with new ideas that we should take up for consideration in their particular situation.
Soulaima, the way you involved everybody with high fives, comments etc. – was perfect. Our industry is conservative and we needed a push – perfect. I believe I can guarantee that we will need you next year as well. We have groups of costumers that need some work.”

Lars Thorlund 
Thorlund Skou A/S

Soulaima has conveyed a speech with edge and great energy that indeed has contributed to making the conference great.”

Jens Kristian Jørgensen
Fagleder innovation og produktivitet, Dansk Industri

“Soulaima, it was a pleasure meeting you last Friday!  Your part of the program was very inspiring and we have received only positive comments from the audience. Thanks for contributing to the success!”

Anna Wranne
Head of People Development, Roschier

“It is very rare to see 600 dining guests being absolutely quiet all at once. You had them in the palm of your hand. Thank you for an extremely well executed and top-professional lecture. If it is up to me this will absolutely not be your last lecture for Spar Nord”.

Kristian Hedemann Andersen

Spar Nord 

“Your speech gave fuel to a lot of thoughts and many of your subjects repeatedly came up during the day and was valuable in our work to increase our customer focus and at the same time making sure that motivation and drive was present.

Steffen Enemark

Vice President ABB Robotics

“Thank you so much for speaking at our event!
When I heard you in Stockholm I just felt I wanted to find an opportunity to engage you to one of our corporate events.
I was sure that the audience would love to hear you speak, but I have to admit that I was a bit unsure of if the subject would fit with the other topics for the event.
Therefore it was to wonderful to hear that ALL the speakers during day 2 referred to things that YOU had said during day 1. You were so spot on!
Thank you very much!”
Annica Rasch
Business Development Manager Formable, BillerudKorsnäs AB

“Thank you for a very inspiring presentation! The bosses are happy, the companies are happy and the job center people are happy – so it could not be better (for me).
Granted, I was a bit nervous when I hired you to come and give a presentation in the Law of Jante’s stronghold, Esbjerg. Many have probably told you this before, but I’m quite impressed by your presence and presence in meeting people. Pretty impressive that you can talk to so many audiences at once. True, you are a smug, but it’s not because you do not have the right to be… I’m just glad that you took the trip to Esbjerg.”
Jens Jørgen Bjerg
Project Consultant, the Local Employment of Esbjerg and Fanø Municipalities

“Great lecture and a really good start to the day. We will remember this day for a long time as the day that set new values and perspectives on our work for our benefit and the benefit of our users (fans).”
Nina Andersen
City of Vordingborg

“It was indeed a great pleasure meeting you in person and having you in the summit. I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Dubai. We will certainly stay in touch for a future cooperation . . . We would love to see you here again.”
Lara Vahe Demirjian
Adviser, Government Services Improvement – Dubai

“You have become a hit to a new “group” . . . the “girl scouts.” I can only say thank you once again for taking the time and putting your energy into enriching these scouts by teaching them how to “set goals,” how to be in “constant movement” to achieve the goals, and for being a very lively exponent of the social media . . . In the days that followed, you have been mentioned in several contexts as a “reference” and with regard to the diversity aspect! THANK YOU.”
Grete Griése
Bookkeeper, Spejdernes Administrationsfællesskab

“Lovely with your “wake up” message for the big boys :-)! It was super inspiring…. And I have only heard positive feedback …”
Helle Grevy Gotfredsen
Bygma Gruppen A/S

“Yes – I get the urge to say Soulaima, Soulaima, Soulaima – how amazing and lovely you are. Thank you, you gave us all an unforgettable experience. We are quite “high” with excitement after Kick Off – you are undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and interesting people we have met – and best of all the cute and “cool” way. I was subsequently bombarded with Texting and emails from excited girls – They were all crazy about you and really felt that they got something out of it. Something they could use private, in their daily jobs and not least MILK auspices. You have really got some new fans following you both on TV and radio”
Mads Peter Houlberg
CEO, MILK Copenhagen ApS

“It was indeed a great pleasure meeting you in person and having you in the Summit.
I hope you have enjoyed your stay here in Dubai
We certainly will stay in touch for future cooperation.. we would love to see you here again.”
Lara Vahe Demirjian
Advisor, Government Services Improvement – Dubai