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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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The school of the future

“Thanks a lot for a great evening filled with your fantastic and world-opening perspectives. You are nothing short of brilliant.” – Carsten Bott, Principal, Mørkhøj School


The lecture “The School of the Future” is based on my experiences in the Danish school system as a young “foreigner” with an exotic name and appearance. 

I actually had to kick off my career in Norway, a country ahead in terms of employment for immigrants and women. 

This talk is motivated by the latest research on motivation, The future of Work, and technological solutions available a well as many years of work with the “Global Dignity” curriculum.

COVID-19 will change how we educate future generations

I speak about what barriers young people meet as they work toward a successful career regardless of the color of their skin, gender, or background; what they need along the way; and what companies can do to help them, both generally and specifically. 

If we, as a society, want to encourage more young people to get an education and be employed in meaningful jobs, then all concerned parties must work together.

I strongly believe that it is necessary to make some changes to the traditional teaching methods and the current curriculum.

I believe that the school must teach young people to be authentic and build and be a part of trusting relationships.

These are very important competencies that would help kids get on in the world and have successful professional careers. Furthermore, young people need to learn how to go about building a network—they will need a network once they look for their first job, a training place, a mentor, or whatever they might need to get their careers started.

The business community needs to be more open to giving all young people a chance—those companies that do give young people a chance typically get positively surprised. The petty offender, the street-smart boy, or the introvert and nerdy girl begin to thrive and turn out to be exactly what the company wants: committed, loyal, and full of potential.

This lecture is relevant for you who—as a principal or guidance teacher at higher levels of an elementary school, vocational training program, high school, or continuing education—wants to give your teaching staff or students some inspiration and motivation to see new possibilities, define alternative success criteria, and get more purposeful education and career choices.

While we know that the impact of this coronavirus will be far-reaching, what might it mean in the longer term for education?


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“I want to thank you for your fantastic presentation today in Fredericia.
I especially loved your points about standing out from the crowd and do something outside one’s comfort zone.
I also noticed in your talk the thing about getting rid of the past and how this sometimes can be an advantage.”
Peter Rønn
the Business College Thisted

“First of all, thank you for an inspiring lecture yesterday. There were many things that hit home and provoked me.
As I mentioned, it is possible for the current legislation to design a business education that includes multiple subject areas.
It is not yet possible to do that in further and higher education or in the subjects in further and higher education, but it is in the works. :)”
Kaspar Liebst Bundgaard
Project coordinator, CPH WEST

“Thanks a lot for a great evening filled with your fantastic and world-opening perspectives. You are nothing short of brilliant. People generally felt very inspired, and many parents afterwards have expressed that they sincerely regret not attending. So the overwhelming and positive experience that you gave us has spread at lightning speed.”
Carsten Bott
Principal, Mørkhøj School

“It is us who thank you for a good and inspiring presentation.”
Karina Vittarp Gøling
Secretary to the management, Rektorforeningen