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Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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Take control of your career

“We are looking at a serious addiction after a meeting with Soulaima Gourani! You get addicted to being provoked, being moved mentally, and seeing things from a different perspective.” – Lise Korsgaard, Event Coordinator, Bizz Up

This lecture is based on my book Take Control of Your Career and will provide with very concrete pieces of advice for you to implement at work and in your life.

  • How to Be authentic
  • How to Be strategic
  • How to Clarify your base of support
  • How to Get your message across
  • How to Network
  • How to Avoid showstoppers
  • How to Get support and advice
  • How to Set goals and achieve them
  • How to Celebrate your success stories

The audience gets refreshing new inputs as well as concrete tools that would help them take control of their lives and careers no matter what challenges they are facing.

The purpose of the lecture is to let the audience see their situation with fresh eyes and help them ditch the traditional thinking to focus more on long-term strategic goals. The lecture is for workers of all trades, office workers, entrepreneurs, managers, and organizations.

“Take Control of Your Career” is a straight-to-the-point, honest, and guiding lecture that will leave you feeling inspired and full of energy. The speaker is Soulaima Gourani, who offers surprising and unexpected thoughts different from most people’s on the topics of career, power, and influence.

The book is a practical guide to to a more successful and satisfying working life. It is direct and honest and provides challenges for both personal as well as professional development. Soulaima stirs up your self-esteem, helps you rediscover your skills and make you confident and courageous, so you can get much more out of your working life. The book is at the moment only available as an e-book. Get it here.

Get much more inspiration here.


Please contact Soulaima if you wish to register for a specific lecture or a combination of topics tailored to your needs.

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Further reading

This other e-book by Soulaima Gourani is intended primarily for newly graduated, but can with benefit be read by anyone who wishes to boost their career. ‘Ignite Your Career’ is a tool providing you with inspiration and practical guidance to start your career. It contains a lot of good advices, based on Soulaima’s own experiences. The e-book is packed with proven methods to use in your daily interactions with colleagues, managers, industry professionals, and customers—anybody that you will interact with during your career.

The book: ‘Ignite Your Career’ can be downloaded here.

It is downloaded in more than 300.000 copies!


“I’m very happy that we choose you to speak. I have had fantastic feedback from many employees. You have really made an impact and there is a lot of talk about energy and responsibility. I’m so grateful to have met such an inspiring person.”

Claus Mercebach
Head of Social Benefits, Center for Arbejdsmarked, Ballerup

“When the participants left, they were hooked!
We are looking at a serious addiction after a meeting with Soulaima Gourani! You get addicted to being provoked, being moved mentally, and seeing things from a different perspective. My sky-high expectations were met, and I am looking forward to the next fix! Devil-may-care attitude, cheeky, and infuriatingly annoying!
I will put ten bucks in Storm’s swear box in advance!”
Lise Korsgaard
Event Coordinator, Bizz Up

“Thank you for your post at our women seminar. It was absolutely terrific to be shaken well and we’ve got exuberant feedback from many participants”
Helle C. Nærø
Strategisk Planner, Jyske Bank

“Soulaima, thank you so much for a fantastic evening sharing your personal experiences, thoughts and advice with us this evening. You sparked so many discussions, thoughts and important reflections, leaving a ton of enthusiasm and encouragement behind! The feedback was immediate, strong and entirely positive! Not bad for a ‘lagom’ Nordic country :)”
Kristina Najjar
Head of Business Development, Nordic region, Aberdeen Asset Management

“Thank you for the rich input for all of us on both personal and professional levels. You have a fantastic ability to communicate your messages in a very concrete and emphatic way that really makes them useful. Personally, I found that it was a good reminder about values that often get lost in the world of KPIs, forecasts, etc.”
Solvej Ornstrand Lee
Senior director, Samsung

“Soulaima speaks straight to the heart of her listeners. Professional, charming, humorous, and always straight to the point and challenging. She rocks!”
Susanne Grantzau
The Financial Services Union

“Thank you very much for last Saturday. It was super inspiring for me personally, and I know that the girls got something to think about in a good and positive way. It’s amazing that you can be successful, beautiful, AND super sympathetic all at the same time. Thank you for that.”
Pernille Hermansen
Communication and Project, NOA NOA

“In connection to the kickoff of our website lø, we invited Soulaima Gourani to host a workshop on the topic “Do you know your market value? And what can you do to increase it?” Our evaluation showed that all of the participants gave Soulaima full marks. We definitely plan to invite Soulaima Gourani to host more events for us in the future because her provocative and thought-provoking style based on exciting studies and observations helps to shake your preconceived opinions and makes you want to make changes in your professional life. Our collaboration with Soulaima Gourani has worked really well! She is a professional through and through and will continuously offer ideas and suggestions on how an event can have the greatest possible value for your audience in particular.”
Sune Diernæs
Cofounder of lø

“I never mind giving people straightforward criticism, but luckily, I am also capable of praising people when they deserve it. You are calm and committed, and that makes you and your messages stand out as very credible. And then I have to say that you know your stuff!”
Peter Scharff
Senior sales director, Channel Management, TDC Privat

“Soulaima Gourani was inspiring, informative, and provocative. She succeeded in making me look at salary negotiations from a new angle and reflect on my own practice.”
Tina Dencker

“You were just SUPER GREAT—this is also what I have heard from other participants. THANKS!”
Jacob Nymann Petersen
Project manager, Business and Engineering, Aarhus University

“We are very satisfied. The turnout tells us that your topic was spot-on. You have the ability to create motivation and energy, and that is worth its weight in gold!”
Mikkel Jes Hansen
Corporate consultant,

“Thank you very much for an exciting and captivating lecture at Network 010 in Odense. I owe you—in only one day—a great deal of respect. The stuff you have achieved and the way you have done it. I am a big fan of your 3-6-9-10 rule. I have never (I am 35 years old) read an entire book to the end, but I will do that now. I will run to the shop and get a copy of your book. I look forward to reading a whole book for the first time in my life.”
Morten Due Albrektsen

“I was lucky enough to hear you speak today at Network 010. Your speech was right after lunch, when people are tired and prefer to sink into their chairs and not be provoked, and you succeeded in doing so anyway! It inspired me when you said that people should set some goals and that you should write them down and communicate them to other people. Again, thank you for the lecture and the inspiration!”
Christian Kjær