Soulaima Gourani


Soulaima Gourani is a virtual keynote speaker and co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based software company "Women Reignite Inc." She is a YGL/Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and named #30 in the world by Thinkers50.

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“Thanks for your perfect delivery and good energy, which in every way was successful and productive.” – Hans Terney Rasmussen, CEO Abeo A/S

Soulaima Gourani is an experienced leader and speaker, and she is also a competent emcee and panel moderator at conferences and events. Soulaima Gourani is a master of making everyone shine and helps people to be confident on stage. Being a capable emcee requires a distinct skill set. As the emcee, she sets the tone for the entire event. She is very experienced as an online host and online speaker as well. 

Soulaima Gourani has been entrusted by the most prominent companies worldwide to facilitate conversations and audience debates, and she is typically involved early on in the planning process. The conferences often cover complex IT-related and technical topics or cover topics such as management and business challenges.

As a moderator, Soulaima uses her knowledge and charisma to make sure she manages the course of events professionally to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Watch some recorded sessions here


My colleague from WEF’s government affairs team who joined had nothing but kudos. Soulaima, phenomenal online hostess as always. Kelsey Goodman, Community Specialist, North America, World Economic Forum

You and your space look better than anybody I have seen featured anywhere and news are now full of pictures of people doing zoom. Anu Bradford, Distinguished Professor of Law and International Organization at the Columbia Law School

I’ve now done a ton of webinars (like everyone else in this new normal) and I’ve not seen someone more mindful about webinar structure and also webinar flow than Soulaima. Christina K. Lopes, CEO, FiduCure

“It has been my great pleasure to have had Soulaima share her talents as a speaker and especially a moderator at our Annual Meeting, the HOPE Global Forums. Her preparation is bar none, but most importantly, she brings out the best in each speaker (whom all have differing levels of comfort presenting), putting them at ease and allowing them to shine in their particular area of expertise. This translates to sessions that are consistently the highest rated in our extensive program, as the audience becomes as highly engaged as our contributors. I have booked thousands of speakers and hundreds of moderators throughout the years. If I was to start a new program tomorrow, the first person I would sign up would be Soulaima.I am available to answer any questions or elaborate further on any of the above. I strongly recommend adding Soulaima to your program as well.” Kevin E. Boucher, Operation Hope, Atlanta

“A thousand times thank you for your fantastic commitment and positive energy in the organization of Smart Industry Forum in Copenhagen. We had a wonderful event with delighted participants, and you were clearly a part of making it rewarding and present for our participants. So thank you Soulaima.”
Maria Gravesen
Marketing Manager B&R Industriautomatisering A/S
“Thanks for your leadership for our panel. Was a pleasure to meet and work with everyone.   Importantly, it looked like the audience was very engaged and look forward to hearing what comes from their ideas.”
Bob Mckinnon 
CEO Galewill


“Your IN-ergy is contagious, infectious and much needed in this world.”
Sandy Rodgers 

“Soulaima was our best moderator at the world economic forum YGL gender parity concerned organized in conjunction with the Stanford institute for economic policy and research. In addition to preparing well on the topic, Soulaima has the unique ability to completely bring any room alive, capture their attention, make them listen, excite them while she introduced the panelists. If one of your panelists goes over time she will let them know without words, with polite but very decisive body posture, thanking them like they never did anything wrong but giving them no choice. She elevates any panelists to the moon, making them sound like they are the most interesting person on the planet. Your audience will never forget a panel moderated by Soulaima, she is the best choice you can make.”
Silvia Console Battilana, PhD
CEO Auctionomics, High stakes auctions

“I can’t say thank you enough for coming out and bringing your incredible energy to our [UN]GALA! You were an amazing emcee and on behalf of everyone at Sama I want to say thank you for representing us Monday night”.
Carly Yoshida, Donor Relations

“It was an amazing experience and you panelists have received great response for the your debate – best English goodwill AMBASSADOR seminar ever, has been expressed several times the last few days.”
Charlotte N. Brault
Copenhagen Capacity

“Thanks for your perfect delivery and good energy, which in every way was successful and productive. Your interpretation and interpretation of innovation angled at Abeo’s “Go To Market” process was great.”
Hans Terney Rasmussen
CEO Abeo A/S

“I just want to say that we were overjoyed for your efforts. You were well prepared and you were good at first, to keep the panelists on the trail, and to get them to flourish in a way that I have rarely experienced.
But above all, you showed an energy, enthusiasm and commitment that made the meeting much more dynamic and exciting than I had thought was possible. I have no doubt that it was your profit, which made the SU event so successful and that many came with positive comments afterwards.
Therefore I say once again thank you for your help. We are very grateful that you would take on the task and very much hope to be able to repeat the success at a later date.”
Jens Jensen
Europe House, Copenhagen

“We were REALLY satisfied! Great event – you managed it as a moderator just great, and the audience participated fine.”
Olav Gade
Generaldirektoratet for Kommunikation
Informationskontoret i Danmark, Europa-Parlamentet

“Thank you very much for a fantastic effort yesterday. It was very nice to have such professional support on the day of the event as well as the days leading up to the event. Thank you very much!”
Pål Simon Fernvall
Project manager, Further and Higher Education

“We are definitely very satisfied, and you have received a lot of praise from our guests at the international ENSPIRE EU conference—they were very impressed! Thank you very much for a great cooperation!”
Pia Schou Nielsen

“We have been very satisfied with our cooperation—both in the planning and the management of the conference day, not the least of which is your great ability to create a good atmosphere/‘warm-up.’ We have received fantastic feedback—both internally and externally. We give you the finest commendation.”
Lone Granzow Andersen
Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark

“Thanks a lot to Soulaima Gourani for the sublime handling of the TDC event on May 14. Soulaima Gourani was an inspiration to all participants. I have received positive feedback about the event, where, in particular, her speech received a lot of praise. Several of the participants said that they felt reverent when Soulaima was talking and that she gave them exactly the networking injection that they needed.”
Peter Würtz Madsen, TDC

“Soulaima and I met briefly in World Economic Forum Davos 2018 and we stayed in online touch thereafter her inspirational talk. When I was hosting a Nerd9 Night at Palo Alto in September 2019, I discussed it with Soulaima that how it was a true challenge with new location, speakers, and where all perspectives are to be discussed and argued in open format. Soulaima accepted the opportunity gladly and not only had her personal speech, but also she moderated two other speakers’s debates so naturally that Soulaima was the “Soul” of whole event we had at Innovation Centre Denmark office at Palo Alto in whose presence every talk just blossomed out! :)”

Amandeep Midha, Nerd 9