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Soulaima Gourani is a keynote speaker and an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking, change management, employee motivation and future of business. She is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and the owner of and

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Become the one Customers Remember

“Thank you very much for an inspiring lecture! You are like fireworks! All of us got very inspired, and I have, of course, bragged about you to others.”– Heidi Must, Market Manager, Libris



This lecture is aimed at people who want to learn how to be thoughtful relationship-building hosts or participants at meetings, receptions, business dinners, business trips, etc. Rules and chores are put aside, and instead, we look at how to behave as hosts in a way that we are remembered by customers and colleagues.

The employees will become more confident in the role as hosts or important guests at business events. This lecture will teach you how to create a unique, friendly, and attentive experience for all attendees.

The employees get motivation, tools, and inspiration for how they, in their own unique way, can “act” in a professional, personal, and authentic manner. This lecture will motivate the employees to act as good hosts or guests in forums where affability and attentive communication are prerequisites for success.

Furthermore, the lecture will show the importance of having everybody in the company focus on being good hosts in everyday life so that it becomes a way of thinking and working.



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“It was very exciting to have you visit us! We spent some time afterwards to discuss what and how each of us would use/be inspired by your message in our work.”
Patrick Sorrentino
Peak Consulting Group

“Thank you for a fantastic speech yesterday. Your energy, passion, professionalism, and personal story made every second interesting. And my IT women were very happy afterwards. They would just have liked to get more. On a scale of 1 to 5, you got 5 for your knowledge about the topic and your presentation skills.”
Lulu Pedersen
Campaign consultant, PROSA

“Thank you very much for an inspiring lecture! You are like fireworks! All of us got very inspired, and I have, of course, bragged about you to others.”
Heidi Must
Market manager, Libris

“I have to say that you really got X factor. Your messages are straight to the point—and took Infomedia by storm. Absolutely brilliant.”
Tim Wolff Jacobsen
CEO/Managing director, Infomedia A/S

“Thank you for an inspiring day in Vejle. What should I write—that I like the easiness of your performance and in your metaphors. Or the combination of structure and softness. Thank you.”
Lissi Westergaard Christensen