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Soulaima Gourani is currently publishing a selection of blog posts at LinkedIn. The topics varies but are all based on Soulaima’s experiences world wide as a speaker, adviser, writer, debater, and board member.


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Do you get the salary you deserve?
I have always been paid more or at least the same as my male colleagues. I am very good at negotiating my own salary/fee as a consultant and as a speaker. I even teach women in how to get paid for what they do. How much are you worth?  Read more

How to be memorable
To be forgotten by people can cost you your confidence. If people tend to forget your name, what you do for a living etc it is very painful. Do people find it difficult to remember and recognize you? Read more

I am against the idea that you should sell yourself!
Always be true to who you are in everything you do, then whether you wear colorful blouses or have an exotic name no longer matters. You need to know yourself to understand what you desire to achieve. And be proud of who you are and where you come from! Read more

I will always be a working-class girl
How to explain why I do NOT want to waste my time shopping or going on vacation at a beach? The reason is that I have never done those things, and I probably never will. Expensive habits and lot of leisure time was NOT what took me to here. First, money was always an issue in my family…  Read more

How to visualize innovations
Researchers say that we live in a time where we need to be able to visualize innovations. We live in a time where we make our living from the production of intangible products. However, we have a weak imagination. We cannot imagine or visualize things we have not seen before. It is almost impossible. Why? Because we are not trained for it. Read more

The Magic 70/30 Rule
A company asked me to train their employees in the art of selling a good idea (I do a lot of strategic sales training). This need for training stemmed from the fact that their employees came up with many great ideas; however, only a few of them were developed into sellable products and services. The reason was…  Read more

There is no correlation between how smart people are and how successful they can become
Do you intend to become a success? Then you should understand/find your specialized knowledge and it must be combined with the ability to collaborate, motivate, and communicate with other people. Many less-educated and “self-made” people do far better in the business world than you might expect despite the fact that their IQ is average. Read more

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