The person

“There is more to life than work . . .”


Yes, there definitely is more to life than work, but I do have to admit that I place great importance on work. In 2007, I decided that I no longer wanted to be a salary earner. Most people would probably say that I left a pretty good job, but I had a burning desire to create something of my own—a universe where political incorrectness, an uncompromising attitude toward the innovative and the unknown, new ventures, and broad-mindedness had to be given pride of place. I haven’t regretted my decision—not even for a single second. I am half Danish and half Moroccan, and it is only recently that I have come to terms with the challenges presented by my mixed background. Everything I do serve a common purpose: to create more innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers – more peace in the world.



I am married to Brian and have a son, born in 2007, and a daughter, born in 2009. We live in Palo Alto, California. After 14 years in Denmark we decided in 2016 to move to USA. I think it is healthy to move to other countries once in a while. I have lived in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Norway and find that these moves boost my creativity, network and cultural understanding.


Naturally my family, being the proud mom of two. I am passionate about traveling, art and sport. I have always been very active in sports with passion for extreme disciplines. I was one of the finalists in the 1995 Miss Fitness Denmark competition, and I have participated in a couple of “adventure extreme races,” which are twenty-four-hour orienteering races with a multitude of athletic challenges.


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