Why you need to Stay Mentally Hungry?


I am very strategic and good in setting clear goals and outstanding in visualizing and feel the success long before it is tangible. 

My life-strategy is very simple and I am happy to share it with you. 

I follow the ADIFmethod. It is called Life design! 

This way I designed my life worth living and a life I am proud of. 

This formula takes me through the four most critical stepstowards a life worth living. This method is inspired by design thinking. All great trendsetters and reformers in literature, art, science, engineering, and business have practiced it. 

So, can you! 

  • Analysis(where are you now and where do you want to go? Understand your past and current situation).
  • Design(design your desired future- show me how you want it to be and look like). 
  • Implementation (create the perfect timing, set the deadline and do it) 
  • Focus(make sure you stick to it – stay focused)

This will help you systematically to solve challenges in a much more creative way in your life. 

This way you are sure you do challenge your assumptions, bias, everyday knowledge and mental limitations. 

I am not brave.  I admit that. I might not even be smarter or more creative than most people. But I am willing to be wrongand I am not afraid to say “I don’t know.” …  This way you do not give your power away to them. 

You are a lot more robust than you feel and far more resilient than you give yourself credit for. And you must trust that you have the power, stamina and got all you need to get the life you really desire and deserve. 

I was told most of my life I was not good enough. And that I would never reach very far! 

I am happy I did listen. 

Don’t you ever let others project their limitations on you

I admit after being an entrepreneur for more than 12 years I have learned how not to give up, and how to turn so called “show-stoppers” into “show-starters”.

A showstopper is a crisis or an event that can hit you so hard that you lose it all. I have been there, and I bet you too. How badly do you want to succeed? And what is success? And before you can pursue success, you must understand what success isn’t.

The difference between the life we want and the life we deserve is action and tools like the ADIF method. 

Success Is Really All About Mindset

I have met people that because of their success, have sunk into what experts call a “fixed mindset”. And mean that they believe that their qualities, intelligence, and talents are fixed traits. I could have trusted people telling we I had no talents. If I had I would not be here today. 

Research has shown that people who find success have a growth mindset

In a growth mindset, challenges are stimulating rather than frightening. 

You may have noticed that the successful people have a different mindset then the average person. They apply small strategies to their mindset like the one that I just mentioned (ADIF) and it forms a unique mindset that is destined to achieve greatness. 

It is never to late to start building up your own mindset for success. 

Start by adapting this strategy into your mindset. Build up your mindset will each skill that you need. For example, this strategy is specifically designed for staying hungry in life. And you will feel safe because you have a model you can trust. 

Mindset is what makes you achieve success in life – I call it my mental hygiene. Just like I take a shower in the mornings I shower my mind with positive thoughts. 

Like I said, the only thing that separates the successful from the non-successful is their mindset. Nothing else, no skills, no talents, no gifts, just mindset.

That’s what I truly believe and I think is reflected in the collection of the


It’s all about mindset, start nurturing your own mentally hunger! 

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Not wanting to move forward in life and not to advance yourself is the most common and disadvantageous mistake we make. 

Not only success, but every time you encounter a

failure you should become even more hungrier to overcome that failure you face. 

Yesterday a friend asked my “what do you regret in life”. I thought about the question for a while and said “nothing, I don’t believe in regrets” 

If you made an honest mistake, irrespective of how significant, try to repair the consequences of your mistakes and learn from it.

That’s the best that you can do. There’s no reason to feel guilt or even shame about it. 

Anyway, you really shouldn’t let failure discourage you, but I think that is already nailed into your head. Not too many people shed light on the effects of small successes. Small successes usually result in you becoming less hungry. 

In fact this is one of the most commonest ways people stay desperate for

much more success.

  • They remain humble 
  • They remain true to their core values.
  • Money should be your servant, and never your master
  • They know they still have lot to learn 

The person who starts acting like a whole different individual is the one who has let his/her success go straight to their head and won’t be experiencing any more success in life…anytime soon.

This is a great mindset to apply to your life after you become successful, or somewhat successful. 

Use this mindset with the strategy that I am going to share with you and your hunger level shall remain at an all time high.

The Hunger Strategy 

The key in staying hungry in life is to treat everything like it is your

first day on the job. What Does This Mean? 

Let’s say that you are a professional basketball player or you are a garbage man.  

Whatever you are you need to work each day like its your first day on the job. 

Whether it is your first game and you have the world on your shoulders

and have to prove all the doubters wrong. Or if your that garbage man and you have to compete for that job. You have to work each day as if it’s your first day. Simply put, you need to work as if you are an intern. 

What I mean by this is you need to work as if your battling for a job, as if your battling to get a pay cheque to feed your family. Passion is great but so is paycheck. If you continue to think like this then your hunger will never decline instead it will be high as hell.

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