Soulaima Gourani


Soulaima Gourani the CEO and co-founder of Happioh, a Silicon Valley-based software company disrupting the virtual and hybrid meeting industry.

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The Super Glue in Human Relationships

This lecture will help your organization change how you engage with users, customers, patients, partners, etc. All participants will learn how much their involvement means for the success of the company. Many companies switch to digital, and we will talk about the opportunities and challenges. 

Many companies are dealing with a new virtual reality! 

“The Super Glue in Human Relationships” highlights the nature of humans, maps ways to build trust fast, and merges all this with high tech. This talk will inspire you and your business on how to thrive in a hyperconnected world.

This talk is perfect for institutions and companies who want to build long-lasting, loyal, and rewarding relationships with their clients, communities, customers, etc. (offline or online)

I, the speaker, have acquired all this knowledge for this talk through twenty years of experience as a Global Sales Director for some of the most successful companies in the world. All my life, I have engaged in sales, customer engagement, and customer loyalty programs. 

I’m proud to be a great salesperson, but I know most people have never learned the fundamentals of selling. It is such a shame. Lots of organizations do not have amazing sales and support functions or simply do not give sales the required attention, effort, and respect. When managers ask me, “How do I become a success?” I always tell them, “Go find some customers.” Sales are everything. To be good at sales you must really understand people. However thanks to new technology we now know much more about HOW and WHY we (dis)connect. 

The talk is relevant, “fact-based”, fast- paced and funny