Soulaima Gourani – now with a speaking agent in USA

Do you want to book Soulaima Gourani as your next speaker, EMCEE or panel debater?

‘I’ve always loved speaking’ begins Soulaima Gourani. ‘But people around me haven’t always been so excited about it – far from it, actually. My mom still wants me to get a real job! Haha

Throughout my teenage years, I was simply asked to speak less… and well, who would have thought that speaking (fast) would eventually lead to a professional career?

A lot of people think that my job is really great. And many can barely believe how many lectures I give every year all over the world. Freedom, travelling to exotic places, and working with many exciting people –sounds great, doesn’t it? I love it!

I lecture, write books (gosh more than 14…..) give advice to leaders, and I’m on several exciting boards AND I have my companies, and

It’s a job and a combination of tasks that many people say they would love to do. Some even claim that I have their dream job. I motivate and educate more than 55.000 people LIVE very single year. I do almost 200 talks a year. It is A LOT! The last few years took me to more than 35 countries.

I began my career as a public speaker in 2001, and later that year I gave my first paid lecture. At the time I was working for a Norwegian company and had to take time off to lecture. This happened more and more often, taking time off, lecturing, and going back to my job. That’s how it all started. People often ask me how to become a sought-after speaker – so successful that you get more requests than you can comply with and consequently earn enough money to live on.

Look, it’s not something that happens over night; what lies behind all of this is a lot of hard work. Today I am PROUD that I have I dedicated my own life to improving the lives of others. 

I make people brave, shine, bold – and I help them to unleash their enormous potential and find their talents and passions. How awesome is that?’

Do you want to book Soulaima Gourani as your next speaker, EMCEE or panel debater?

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