Soulaima Gourani listed as one Top 49 small businesses experts You need To follow

Soulaima Gourani is much sought after as a speaker. Her role is to revitalize both Danish and international companies in areas such as strategy, management, and career development. Throughout her career, Soulaima has inspired and challenged an impressive number of the worlds’ largest and most innovative companies, which is a fact that her list of references can testify to. She is in high demand because of her 20 years of management experience in multinational companies, her vast knowledge and innovative approach to sales, her management strategy, her career development, her ability to predict how markets will respond and change and her almost-unlimited energy and authenticity. She was rewarded for these qualities when she received an award as a speaker of the year in 2010 in the category Trends and Tendencies. Whenever some of the most innovative and prestigious companies need sales strategy, management, relationship building, employee development, or customer loyalty counseling, they often choose to engage Soulaima Gourani. Companies enjoy her innovative and uncompromising approach to her role as a speaker, moderator, and advisor.

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