Soulaima Gourani in new book: “NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED”

Soulaima Gourani: “I am so honored and proud to be a “ case” in this amazing new book: ‘NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED’

Each contributor has shared a private piece of themselves – deep hurt, anguish, love and ultimately, triumph. This world is truly a better place with their collective voice. And how rad is this cover :)”

The book is a powerful collection of essays from actors, activists, athletes, politicians, musicians, writers, and teens, each writing about a time in their youth when they were held back because of their race, gender, or sexual identity–but persisted.

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Soulaima Gourani EMCEE WEF Davos 2018

Soulaima Gourani Emcee: Strategies for Creating Communities of Tolerance and Compassion.

Global Dignity hosts a panel discussion on ideas for how to create communities and work places where compassion, understanding and love
triumph over intolerance, injustice and inequality.


Simon Smiles, Chief Investment Officer, UBS – UHNW Group Managing Director
Ida Auken, Member of Parliament, Danish social Liberal Party, Former Minister for the Enviroment, Denmark
Patrick Youssef, Deputy Regional Director for Africa, International Committee of the red Cross, ICRC, Member of the International Council of advisors, Global Dignity
H.R.H. The Crown prince Haakon of Norway, Global Dignity Founder and Member, International Council of Advisors
Victor Ochen, Founder and director, African YouthInitiative Network Uganda and Global Dignity Country Chair

25. Jan 2018, 10.00-11.00 am, Hotel Europe, Davos

New Office Opening – Palo Alto 2018

“Thriving on opportunities to help clients succeed, I connect people and business from around the world”.

I am a business agent with relations all over the world and in many different industries. I have taken my expertise to a higher level providing personal and confidential strategies through my company located in Austin, Copenhagen and now also in Palo Alto (juhuuuuuu). connects people!

Let me know if you and your company need our sales expertise, connections or funding:

Soulaima Gourani selected as one of the speakers at

Soulaima Gourani is selected as one of the speakers at Leaders – a mindblowing platform for amazing speakers.

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Soulaima Gourani made ‘Top 100 women’ by Berlinske Business Magazine

They have top jobs, they have influence, they are role models, and so they have produced remarkable results. Berlingske Business Magazine presents ‘100 Danish Women in the Top 2017’ divided into ten categories.

See the list of  ‘100 Danish Women in the Top 2017’ (In Danish).

Soulaima Gourani now member of the advisory board of

We are pleased to announce that Soulaima Gourani is now an advisor and member of the advisory board of

Soulaima Gourani – now with a speaking agent in USA

Do you want to book Soulaima Gourani as your next speaker, EMCEE or panel debater?

‘I’ve always loved speaking’ begins Soulaima Gourani. ‘But people around me haven’t always been so excited about it – far from it, actually. My mom still wants me to get a real job! Haha

Throughout my teenage years, I was simply asked to speak less… and well, who would have thought that speaking (fast) would eventually lead to a professional career?

A lot of people think that my job is really great. And many can barely believe how many lectures I give every year all over the world. Freedom, travelling to exotic places, and working with many exciting people –sounds great, doesn’t it? I love it!

I lecture, write books (gosh more than 14…..) give advice to leaders, and I’m on several exciting boards AND I have my companies, and

It’s a job and a combination of tasks that many people say they would love to do. Some even claim that I have their dream job. I motivate and educate more than 55.000 people LIVE very single year. I do almost 200 talks a year. It is A LOT! The last few years took me to more than 35 countries.

I began my career as a public speaker in 2001, and later that year I gave my first paid lecture. At the time I was working for a Norwegian company and had to take time off to lecture. This happened more and more often, taking time off, lecturing, and going back to my job. That’s how it all started. People often ask me how to become a sought-after speaker – so successful that you get more requests than you can comply with and consequently earn enough money to live on.

Look, it’s not something that happens over night; what lies behind all of this is a lot of hard work. Today I am PROUD that I have I dedicated my own life to improving the lives of others. 

I make people brave, shine, bold – and I help them to unleash their enormous potential and find their talents and passions. How awesome is that?’

Do you want to book Soulaima Gourani as your next speaker, EMCEE or panel debater?

Please contact Soulaima Gouranis American agent from and ask if Soulaima can make it ;-)

Soulaima Gourani nominated to join the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network

We are pleased to announce that Soulaima Gourani has been nominated to join the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network. She is going to join the more than 5,000 world-leading experts engaged by the Forum to help shape the global agenda. She is now officially an expert in:
Behavioural Sciences
Education and Skills

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Soulaima Gourani joins IMPACT lab’s Board of Directors in New York

Soulaima Gourani joins IMPACT lab’s Board of Directors in New York.

Impact Lab is a program designed for members of the YGL community looking to jumpstart or refine the planning, execution, and management of new or established YGL collaborations.

The Impact Lab
New York City
April 27-29, 2016

Soulaima Gourani joins HippoCorn that helps start-ups and established firms connecting with investors and specialist advisors

Soulaima Gourani joins HippoCorn that helps start-ups and established firms move in the right direction, by connecting them with investors and specialist advisors around the world.

The team has facilitated more than 430 company changing transactions between them, ranging from US$50K to US$3 billion. In addition, each of the core team members has hands-on experience launching or working on a start-up previously.

Look for more details here:

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