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Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she was exploring a 2020 presidential bid. Then critics immediately questioned whether Elizabeth was “likable” enough.

“Soulaima Gourani: I do a lot of work for women, I am proud of”

Article: Alt,

It is firm practice for Soulaima Gourani when she becomes involved in events, where only men are on the list, to call the organizer and suggest to switch some men out with women she knows. (Danish)

“On Finding Your Hunger, Happiness, and Honor as a Professional”

Article: COLOR Magazine,

In order to raise your market value and live the life you deserve your true talents should be found, practiced, and continuously evaluated. I always say, one way to find your “true talents,” is to find your purpose in life.

“Why there is a fine balance between “to burn” and “to burn out”, With Author Soulaima Gourani”

Article: THRIVE Global,

There is a fine balance between “to burn” and “to burn out”. Thrive is when you love what you do, and you are good at what you are doing. It is a matter of a combination of talents, passion, meaning and ambitions. Most people never get to thrive. Why? because they don’t live accordingly to […]

“How to Recognize Talent”

Article: Training,

Companies are spending energy, time, and money on “talent” who may not necessarily have the needed skills, and may overlook those who truly do, merely because they do not know how to spot it in others.

“Late Bloomer? Fear Not, The Best is Yet To Come”

Article: NY Daily News,

Do you fell you haven’t peaked in life yet? No worries, it is perfectly healthy and normal. Many people feel happier when they grow older and more prone to make decisions that fit the kind of life they wish to have.

“A New Leadership Genre Is Bound To Appear”

Article: Forbes,

Automation and robotics are set to take over the functions served by human employees. Leadership is key to almost any business success and as technology continues to impact the way we work it will impact they way we lead.

“Why You Can’t Pick the Winners!”

Article: Great Leadership,

The vast majority of innovative people and companies I’m personally familiar with became innovative because they didn’t have time, money or were excluded and unappreciated.

“How to Have People Help You Again and Again…”

Article: Influential People Magazine,

Would you like to receive help again and again? Do you need people to act as your ambassador and recommend you to their networks?

“I was Fired While Pregnant”

Interview: SWAAY,

I was a mom to be and the breadwinner but suddenly had no job. Life is full of days you do not remember but for me, this day is a day I will always remember. It was a crucial turning point in my life. here’s how it turned into a blessing…

“Let’s see how your children will turn out when they are adults”

Article: Berlingske,

While Soulaima Gourani has made herself an international career, her husband has spent a great deal of their mutual life at home looking after children. A life style choice that Soulaima Gourani in particular has been criticized for. (Danish)

“Why Emotional Intelligence Will Become Your Most Valuable Skill at Work”

Article: Convene,

When asked how companies can help develop EQ skills in their workforce, Gourani reminds us that it’s up to the individual to take these steps. Where should you start? She suggests three areas for growth.

“6 women on how they deal with sexism and discrimination at work”

Article: Fast Company,

Implicit bias is alive and well in the workplace. Soulaima Gourani was one of 6 women who faced it, and in some cases changed it for the women who came after them.

“Should artists get involved and speak up?”

Article: Jyllands-Posten,

The Danish minister of culture has launched a debate among artists. Some see it as their social responsibility to participate in the public debate. Others would rather stay quiet. (Danish).

“Leading Generations Y and Z in the Work Place”

Article: “Women In Optometry,

This new era requires new ways to work, think and live. Latest research shows that people who are bored and not motivated in life may die younger than those who do something they like and feel passionate about.

“How Emotional Intelligence Helps Your Organization Navigate Change”5 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand”

Article: “City National Bank,

Enhancing your personal brand can lead to an array of opportunities including new job offers, business leads and possibly even speaking engagements. For those reasons, professionals and business owners alike should consider building a personal brand.

“How Emotional Intelligence Helps Your Organization Navigate Change”

Article: “Bob the BA,

Here’s how emotional intelligence determines the success of change within your company and pushes you forward through challenging times.

“Why Emotional Intelligence Will Become a Key Leadership Skill at Work”

Article: “Living Better 50,

Soulaima Gourani shares her insights about the future of work. According to her, emotional intelligence will become the most powerful asset in professional settings.

“Why Success Often Drives Friends Apart”

Article: “Pick The Brain,

Sometimes when those close to us reach success in their careers or personal life, we start to get jealous and wonder why weren’t as fortunate. Some people have fundamental difficulties with handling success—in particular, the success of others.

“4 Ways To Handle A Crisis At Work”

Article: “Forbes,

My life has been full of significant crises. I was fired three times, moved four times as a young adult and kicked out of school. Today, I still manage to have what most would consider a successful career, as a corporate adviser, lecturer and author.

“Up & Coming Women Solopreneurs to Know”

Article: “Better After 50,

“Solopreneur” isn’t a “new” term but it has become a lot more relevant recently. The word can easily be interchanged with the word “entrepreneur.” However, there are distinct differences.

“4 Ways to Handle a Crisis at Work”

Article: “Next Avenue”,

My life has been full of significant crises. I was fired three times, moved four times as a young adult and kicked out of school. Today, I still manage to have what most would consider a successful career, as a corporate adviser, lecturer and author.

“How To Lead Generations Y and Z”

Article: “Chief Executive”,

These new times require new ways to work, think and live. The latest research shows that people who are bored or who don’t really care about what they’re doing may die younger than those who do something they like.

“EQ Experts Tell Entrepreneurs to Do These 4 Things to Stay Relevant and Be an Effective Leader”

Article: “Entrepreneur”,

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the most powerful predictor for professional success, even more than intelligence and personality, says Soulaima Gourani.

“5 Workplace Skills That Will Be Vital in The Future”

Article: “Women of HR”,

Soulaima Gourani shares her insights about the future of work and what skills will be needed.

“5 Workplace Skills That Are More Important Than Professionalism”

Article: “Dana Manciagli”,

Soulaima Gourani shares her insights about the future of work and what skills will be needed.

“What It’s Like to Get Fired While Pregnant”

Article: “She Knows”,

When people ask me, “What has been your biggest achievement?” I always reply, “That I managed not to go through a complete meltdown in 2007.” That was the year I got pregnant — and then got fired.

“How to Find Your Drivers and Motivation”

Interview: “Ms. Career Girl”,

Getting a job is no longer enough. We must learn how to create jobs and how to stay relevant, innovated, sharp and responsible.

“On Finding Your Hunger, Happiness, and Honor As A Professional”

Interview: “Color Magazine”,

In order to raise your market value and live the life you deserve your true talents should be found, practiced, and continuously evaluated. I always say, one way to find your “true talents,” is to find your purpose in life.

“Why Most Small Business Partnerships Fail”

Interview: “Succeed as your own boss”,

To be successful in a partnership you need to understand the human agenda and primitive drivers of all parties. When you combine this with the organizational approach to the business, you’re much better equipped to understand the reasons behind its success or failure.

“Economic freedom is more important than ever”

Interview: “Dansk aktionærforening”,

As a teenager, the author and lecturer Soulaima Gourani created a “fuck you account” that would secure her financial independence. Nordea Consumer Economist Ann Lehmann Erichsen recommends everyone to set up a “liberty saving.”

“Women’s Day 2018: #whatwillyoupasson?”

Interview: “Map My Genome”,

When we asked some achievers what trait would they like to pass on to their daughters, the most sought-after trait was RESILIENCE. Some see it as the power to charge through sticky situations or call it the ability to “hustle harder, without fear of failure.” Others perceive it as the key to keeping your heart strong and keeping emotional balance.

“Does Making Your Bed Make You More Productive?”

Interview: “ELITE DAILY”,

“Not making your bed,” Soulaima tells Elite Daily, “will give you a feeling of having a loose end,” so by taking a few minutes to straighten out your sleep space, you’ll ultimately “eliminate stress” that, when you think about it, is 100 percent self-inflicted and unnecessary.

“Why Emotional Intelligence Will Become A Key Leadership Skill At Work”

Interview: “Young Upstarts”,

To be competent in the future, it is not your education, business skills, or expertise that makes you valuable at work. What you need to develop are soft-skills, such as empathy, ability to work with others, and integrity.

“Corporate Advisor and Lecturer Helping Connect Manufacturers to End Users”

Interview: “Hearpreneur”,

Women in business are on the rise. We asked Soulaima about her story, how she started her business and the future of TradeConductor.

“Why emotional intelligence will become your most valuable skill at work”


One of the most powerful business leaders today, Elon Musk, believes that robots represent the future workforce and technology will replace a lot of jobs. Soulaima Gourani shares her insights about what will be your most valuable skill at work in that environment.

“HubCulture, Davos 2018 – interviewing Soulaima Gourani”

Interview: “HubCulture”,

Executive Editor, Edie Lush, talks with Soulima Gourani, Speaker and Author about the origin of Global Dignity and their work.

“On Leadership, Community Bonding, and Business Success”

Interview: “Color”,

Setting up and running a successful business is not easy. There are two traits that are required in order to achieve success; effort and determination. Great leadership is another major factor.

“Jealously in friendship: Why success often drives friends apart”

Interview: “Hey Mama”,

Jealousy is a normal emotion that everyone experiences, but if you’re not careful, however, jealousy can grow into resentment and bitterness. Read more about how to deal with jealousy in friendships.

“6 ways to be more memorable when networking”

Interview: “Forbes, India”,

The recipe for becoming memorable is relatively straightforward. Many of us can increase our rate of memorability by training our ”likeability.” When you meet someone for the first time, it is essential that you spend the first couple of minutes wisely.

Author Soulaima Gourani And Her Book “Take Control of Your Career”

Interview: “Celebrate Women Today”,

Who knows a woman who fights for her place in this world? I know quite a few. Soulaima Gourani is among them. Her book “Take Control of Your Career” could help and encourage you.

“HOW-TO Deal With Jealousy of Your Friend’s Success”

Interview: “Celebrate Women Today”,
Twitter, Google+

HOW-TO deal with jealousy is one of the primal questions the humankind has been asking for centuries. Soulaima Gourani has her take on this human feeling.

“5 keys to a promotion, according to this international economics expert”

Interview: “Statesman”,

Dumb luck or a friend in high places are pretty rare reasons for promotions. In today’s fast-paced global economy, positioning yourself for a promotion is a matter of following some straightforward strategies.

“Why Most Partnerships Fail! And Steps to Prevent Failure…”

Guest blogger: “Young Upstarts”,

Are you or your company going into strategic partnerships with other people or companies? Do you see the benefits of entering into a partnership in order to reap the numerous benefits without having to make large investments, such as in acquisitions?

“Quotes by Soulaima Gourani”

Quotes: “Euronews”,

‘If you can handle people’s diversity – people of a different age, different personalities, or educational backgrounds, for example – and you can handle the conflict that comes with that, you will be the highest paid, most valuable employee’ Ouote by Soulaima Gourani

“Are you a late bloomer?”

Guest blogger: “Home Business”,

Feeling Like You Haven’t “Peaked” in Life Yet? It’s easy to feel like all entrepreneurs are in their 20s and 30s. However, that’s only part of the picture. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who found their “big ideas” later in life, and founded companies that, in many cases, last well past their years.

“How to overcome crises in your career”

Guest blogger: “Lady Boss Blogger”,

‘A personal crisis should never be wasted –  a lot of good may come out of such a crisis. Your life story shapes you for better and for worse – take ownership of it and be proud of who you are’, says Soulaima. She also shares her own basic rules sfor a good life.

“One of  ‘100 Danish Women On The Top’ – Soulaima Gourani: Born global”

Interview: “Berlingske Business Magasin”,
They have top jobs, they have influence, they are role models, and so they have produced remarkable results. Berlingske Business Magazine presents ‘100 Danish Women in the Top 2017’ divided into ten categories.

“How To Write Emails People Will Actually Read”

Guest blogger: “Lady Boss Blogger”,
Are you looking for a job, an investment, an office or even a date? Well the secret is in HOW you write your mails. The key to getting people to remember you is to intensify the energy that radiates from you – also when you write.

“7 Mental Health Myths Debunked By Experts Who Are Helping Us Defeat The Stigma – #4”

Interview: “Elite Daily”,
Too many still believe that leaders with mental health problems can’t (or shouldn’t) hold a job or office. This is not the truth at all; it is a myth that leaders are superior (resistant) to mental health issues.

“#8 Channel Postive Energy”

Interview: “Elite Daily”,
According to motivational speaker and philanthropist Soulaima Gourani, having a “live” sense of energy is important when it comes to developing self-confidence. Positive energy is a mindset.

“This is Why People Who Reach Success Later in Life are Winning”

Interview: “Jeneba Speaks”,
It’s healthy to peak late in life; in fact, many people feel happier and healthier as they grow older.  There are many different reasons why people don’t land on the right path until “later in life,” and below are a few reasons why many become “late bloomers.”

“Soulaima Gourani designs strategic work styles around people’s deisred lifestyles”

Interview: “Lady Boss Blogger”,
‘Currently, I dedicate my life to improving the lives of others. I make people and companies brave, shine and bold by helping them unleash their enormous potential and find their real talents, purpose, and passions’.

“The Trick to Creating a Memorable First Impression”

Interview: “MILLENIAL”,
To be forgotten by people can cost you your confidence. So, what’s the secret to being memorable? The recipe is straightforward. By training our likability we can make a greater impression on people. When you meet someone spend the first couple of minutes wisely.

“Your Energy is more important than your intelligence!”

Interview: “HuffPost”,
According to Stanford university skill set underlying happiness, success, and overall well-being is not IQ? Research shows that emotional intelligence lead to benefits in a variety of life domains. Emotional intelligence predicts professional success more than IQ or experience.

“Are you looking for a job? Don’t. Create it!”

Interview: “HuffPost”,
In about 10 to 15 years the labour market will be radically different. We need to understand that the vast majority of us will lose our jobs. There will be new jobs. You just need to sit down and decide what you want to do.

“How to Recognize Talent”

Interview: “Young Upstarts”,
Millions of U.S dollars are wasted on “talent spotting” and “talent management.” We are wasting our energy on talents who are not really talents at all. And we overlook many who truly have a talent, just because we can’t SEE their talent.

“What Is Talent, And How Do You Spot a Talented Person?”

Interview: “Windy City Cosmo”,
Every year millions of U.S dollars are wasted on “talent spotting”.  Large companies are spending energy, time and money on “talents” who are not talents at all, and overlook those who truly have a talent, merely because they do not know how to spot talent.

“This Book Proves That EQ Is Key to Success”

Interview: “Nativa World”,
EQ is key to achieving success in today’s workplace, says Soulaima Gourani. Take Control of Your Career is for the most part a compelling guide to a successful and improved working life as it embraces the unique power of EQ.

“Why emotional intelligence is so important to achieving success at work”

Interview: “Yahoo”, Finance
Professional appearance and executive presence in the workplace are important, but what makes you most valuable is your human ability to be creative and connect with others.

“How to find a mentor to advance your career”

Interview:”CNBS – Make it!”,
Soulaima Gourani, World Economic Forum expert and TED Talks mentor, tells CNBC Make It that establishing mentorships is the most efficient way to advance your career and personal growth.

“Now the nerds have come – and we will see a much greater inequality”

Our work will be changed within the next ten years. Are you ready or have you given up in advance? That question asks Soulaima Gourani and announces that the era of the nerds has come.

“Why emotional intelligence is so important to achieving success at work”

Interview:”CNBS – Make it!”,
Professional appearance and executive presence in the workplace are important, but what makes you most valuable is your human ability to be creative and connect with others.

“Optimize your business over the holidays”

Interview:”TechSavvy Media”,
Why you should walk the extra mile and update your skills during the holidays. (In Danish).

“Should Making Money Be Your End Goal?”

Article: “Home business”,
Soulaimas take on setting goals and growing a sustainable business while you think about your life and your career.

“A Sustainable Tomorrow moves borders”

Interview:”Vastsveriges Affarstidninge”.
It is likely that international business has overtaken politics in terms of sustainable social development. This was one of many conclusions at the year’s edition of the conference A Sustainable Tomorrow. (In swedish)

“A Sustainable Tomorrow moves borders”

Interview:”Meetings International”.
Soulaima Gourani participated in the conference ‘A Sustainability Tomorrow’, discussing different perspectives on the global goals for sustainable development. (In swedish)

“Together again for A Sustainable Tomorrow”

Interview:”Laholms Tidning”.
For the second time the Conference ‘A Sustainable Tomorrow’ brought people together to talk about global goals for sustainable development. (In swedish)

“A Sustainable Tomorrow moves borders”

Press release:”AST”.
At the conference ‘A Sustainable Tomorrow’, the perspective was unique, namely the global goals for sustainable development, with a particular focus on Objective 17 (Implementation and Global Partnership). (In swedish)

“Princess Sofia visits A Sustainable Tomorrow”

Press release:””.
Princess Sofia visited the conference ‘A Sustainable Tomorrow’, with the unique perspective: The global goals for sustainable development, with a particular focus on Objective 17 (Implementation and Global Partnership). (In swedish)

“My rescue was called Mrs. Taylor. One single person who saw me”

Soulaima shares her story of the one person who believed in her and what a difference that made. (In Norwegian)

“Abused and kicked out of school – but someone believed in me”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “Berlingske,”.
Soulaima Gourani’s life hasn’t always been easy. She believes that personal crises is an opportunity to grow. ‘Thinking back both negative and positive experiences have made an impact but also shaped me and my values in a good way’.

“Soulaima Gourani: Lecturer, corporate counselor & auther”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “NativeAdvice,”.
Soulaima Gourani tells the story of how she build her career and give advice to those working in her industry.

“Motivation: Make your employees fans”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “Dansk Industri,”.
Soulaima Gourani on motivating, engaging and making employees the company’s greatest ambassadors and fans. (In Danish)

“Soulaima Gourani: Keynote speaker, consultant & boardmember”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “NativeAdVantage,”
Soulaima Gourani tells about her biggest success, most challenging moments, rolemodels and passions.

“New Trend: Designing our lifestyle”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “NetAvisen,” 
Soulaima Gourani about designing a lifestyle based on values and dreams as a more common approach to planning and living a fulfilled life. (In Danish)

“Interview with Soulaima Gourani”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “” 
Soulaima Gourani talks about being a passionate entrepreneur. (In French).

“Work Wanted: Work is a little different in Denmark”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “” 
Soulaima Gourani about work life in Denmark and how you stay at the career track and still take maternaty leave.

“Interview with Soulaima Gourani”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “” 
Soulaima Gourani talks about being ambitious , her career and designing the life you want. (In Danish).

“Interview with Soulaima Gourani”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “” 
Soulaima Gourani talks about the biggest benefits of a remote workforce, how remote work is important to her business model and to her lifestyle.

“Fairygodboss Of The Week: Soulaima Gourani”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “”
One of Europe’s Top 40 Under 40, working mom and entrepreneur – Soulaima tells her story.

“3 Steps Women Can Take to Blaze a Leadership Trail”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “Business News daily” via Twitter
Soulaima Gourani talks about how gender diversity remains a contentious topic in the modern workforce, especially in leadership roles.

“Welcome to my city: Austin”

Interview with Soulaima Gourani “USA” in DANISH ISSUE Go Traveling 25.
Soulaima Gourani moved to Austin with her family – without ever having visited the city. In the interview she tell us how it came about and what to do and see in Austin (In Danish only).

“The elite is powerfull, moderately recognized and hard to spot”

Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad, Nov. 4. 2016.
Interview in which Soulaima Gourani explains how she feels about belonging to the powerfull elite (In Danish only).

“My life is more exciting than it is happy”

Danish magazine Alt for Damerne 6/2016.
Interview in which Soulaima Gourani explains what she went through when going through a life crisis. (In Danish only)

Soulaima Gouranis thoughts on women in business

Danish Newspaper: Berlingske, May 22nd 2016.
Soulaima gives her thoughts on women in business in this feature article. (In Danish only).

Soulaima Gouranis thoughts on the future of money”

WEF Blog “Agenda”
“Everything has its own time. Everything sprouts, grows, withers, and disappears. This is the cycle of life – and the same process also applies to money and the way you obtain it”.

“The doctor recommended Prozac: Instead the sell everything and move to Texas”

Danish magazine Alt for Damerne 2/2016.
Interview in which Soulaima Gourani explains how she feels about work, family life and going through a life crisis (In Danish only).

Soulaima Gouranis thoughts on the COP21.

Article on the blog “Positive Luxury”.
Soulaima Gourani is a lecturer, corporate advisor and a Young Global Leader. Here, she gives her thoughts on the ongoing COP21 negotiations in Paris.

Soulaima Gourani on Succes, career and life

Article on TheLegacyProject.
Soulaima Gourani: “To me success is about doing what I love to do and to have an impact on the world. It is about achieving my goals and plans and the feeling victorious”

“People have difficulties working with the elite”

Article in Jyllands-Posten, Karriere, August 16. 2015.

“Especially women turned their backs on me. It became, “look at her she thinks she is something special”, and with my colleagues I went from being an ally to a direct opponent, she tells Jyllands-Posten”. In Danish only.

“A good summer is when I’m not traveling”

Article in Fyens Stiftidende, Magasinet Livsstil, week 27, 2015.
Soulaima Gourani: “A good summer vacation to me is, one in which I don’t travel. Normally I am on the go 4 days a week, last month I went to 11 countries”. In Danish only.

“Why are you not allowed to know how much money your colleagues make?”

Article in Jyllands-Posten, Finans, May 22. 2015.“Do you think it is embarrassing that you earn less money than your colleagues? Or are you afraid to be the one earning the most? Well, then you are not the only one……”  In Danish only.

“Personal branding comes from within”

Article in Henley magazine “Karriere” (Career)
Soulaima Gourani on how conscious you have to be about what kind of signales you put out and how they are perceived. In Danish only

“Open up to new types of teaching”

Article in TEMA, Danske Gymnasier (Danish upper secondary education) online magazine on the importance of not only using teachers in Danish upper secondary education, but bringing in scientists and business people to teach as well. In Danish only.

Skærmbillede 2014-12-04 kl. 13.05.45

“The Worlds most cosy city”

Article in the ad campaign “København” in Jyllands-Posten, November 28. 2014, p. 18. In Danish only.

Skærmbillede 2014-12-04 kl. 12.49.35

“Make your customers your fans”

Article in Nordic Business Forum Executive Summary 2014, p. 38-42.

Clashes on the labour market.

Article in business magazine “Dental” September 2014, page 14-15. In Danish only.

Fresh out of Education? Here’s what you can learn from running an NGO

Enternships, AUG. 28th 2014

Most young people near the start of their career are not typically thought of as leaders in the workplace. Why? Because you inhabit a low spot in the office hierarchy and have lack experience and practical “hands on “skills, but with a plan (and right attitude) you can become a leader.

Peace March: Walk for Gaza’s children, AUG. 17th 2014

For more than a month Israel has bombed Gaza. As a result of the violent attacks more than 10,000 are either dead or wounded and about 300 children have been killed. Let’s walk hand in hand in solidarity with the children of Gaza. Go march for peace in Palestine, against the killing of civilians, and against the fact that another generation is losing lives or will be ruined forever. (Available in Danish)

ET INDRE LANDSKAB AF SKØNHED, by Kirstine Dalgaard Nielsen, May 29th 2014

This May, the organization Global Dignity presented their campaign, #makeupfrimandag. Every Monday, women have been invited to post selfies on social medias like Twitter and Facebook – one rule: they were not allowed to wear makeup at all! The purpose was to rethink our view of beauty and motivate us to get more confidence. (Available in Danish)

MBA taught me to speak the language of force, by Sara Rosendal, April 15th 2014

The ability to speak the language of business has been crucial for business adviser Soulaima Gourani’s international meteoric career. A discipline she learned as a MBA student and today has mastered to the fingertips – almost. (Available in Danish)

Courage in adversity, by Inaam Nabil, April 2014

38-year-old Soulaima Gourani’s sprint toward success is rooted in her courage. Courage to constantly dare to move out of the everyday safe environment, knowing that she is at risk of hitting her head against the wall. However, she always gets up after a fall – something she learned from his tough upbringing on Fyn, which she writes about in her new book “Courage to success”.

“I say what I want”

Jyllands-Posten – Premium, by Michelle Hansen, April 2nd 2014

Soulaima Gourani is a woman, who does not stand still for long. She lives in Denmark with her husband and two children, but in reality Denmark is too small and comfortable for her. Therefore, she travels all the time in the world to work and be inspired.


Jyllands-Posten, by Michelle Hansen, April 2nd 2014

Soulaima Gourani is a sought-after consultant, speaker, author and board member of companies and NGOs. Read the interview conducted by Jyllands-Posten.

If it ain’t broken – break it!

Danish Business Women in Dubai, March 2014

‘Who is she?’, was the overall reaction in the Danish Business Women Dubai board, as we at the end of 2013, gathered to make plans for the coming year. The issue came when we heard the name Soulaima Gourani. When we learnt more about Soulaima and her business we were very impressed.

How to fire your boss

Børsen, by Mia Laursen, March 16th 2014

You can get an incompetent boss fired, but it’s an uphill battle, which requires alliances, strategy and courage. And despite the trial ends it is likely that you are the one, who gets fired.

The lost generation? Not really…

BlogActiv, Soulaima Gourani, March 18th 2014

Youth unemployment remains a major issue in most EU countries. Eurostat estimates that 26.231 million men and women were unemployed in January 2014. It’s a big issue. And lots of young people are among these numbers. We need all generations to work side by side.

What is the biggest problem with equality in Denmark today?

Politiken – Culture, March 8th 2014

We ask three debaters where the next fight for equality is. “That women are not prepared to pay the same price as many men to powerful positions.” – Soulaima.
//The article is available in Danish.

Am I a blue funk and a cheater?

Berlingske – Debate, Soulaima Gourani, March 3rd 2014

For Valentine’s Day 14:02 I wrote a debate post that should trigger a debate about modern love, career and gender roles. My essay was met with questions about where I had achieved my knowledge, of the two independent communication consultants (Jorgensen and Cheerful article in Berlingske 02/26/14). The debate quickly changed from being about the topic to be about me.
//The article is available in Danish.

Achieve the courage to be successful

Ugeavis Haderslev, by Pia Damsgaard Bach, February 19th 2014

Nobody will come to rescue you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something. This is one of the topics in Soulaima Gourani’s new book, ‘Courage to success’.
//The article is available in Danish.

10 reasons to avoid a career woman

Berlingkske Debat, Soulaima Gourani, February 14th 2014

Had I known what I know now, I guess I had never dared to marry. My husband had probably never dared to flirt with me. Are you an ambitious woman, who strives to work 60 + hours a week, and want a management position with significant responsibility? Then be aware that you may have to pay a high social price.

Read the article here (in Danish)


Today – Myanmar, February 8th 2014

In conjunction with the Asia meeting, the WEF hosted its Young Global Leaders Annual Summit in Yangon on 4 June, 2013. More than 200 YGLs, representing business, government, civil society, art and culture, academia and media, as well as social entrepreneurs, took part in the summit. We present the following interview with some of YGLs who attended that summit.

Soulaima’s success

JydskeVestkysten, Anne Kleemeyer Kiil, February 2nd 2014

In 15 years, the Danish Foreign Minister may be Soulaima Gourani – a position she wants to achieve. In a new book she urges people to define a direction for their lives – and follow it. Soulaima Gourani has been voted to be among Europe’s 40 most influential leaders under 40.

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Soulaima Gourani: »I will not get stuck«

Berlingske, Simone Okkels, Januar 31. 2014

You do not have to be fearless to be brave. But you should dare to face your fears. Learn more from the award-winning business consultant Soulaima Gourani, who has published the book “Courage to succeed.”

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Europe in 2014: A Year of Choices

Press release, EuropaNova & Friends of Europe, January 21. 2014

The selection of the ’40 under 40 ‘European Young Leaders have now been selected, where Soulaima Gourani has been voted to be among them.

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Soulaima Gourani gets her 3rd international recognition in one year

Press release, Vibeke Hartkorn, January 22. 2014

Social critic and business woman Soulaima Gourani receives another prestigious
international appointment, thus becoming one of the most influential Europeans.

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“Humans are not rational, PERIOD!”

TID&TENDENSER, Oktober 2013, 18th vintage #05
You would think that people, especially well-educated and enlightened ones, are rational and know how to make good decisions. But no! Prejudice is human’s help to avoid ambiguity and making tough decisions.
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Get out of comfort zone

Samvirke, Oktober 2013

“We become dumber and lazier as the years go by.” This is the development, which Soulaima sees among the Danes, and this has to be addressed. We Danes often repeat successes, but we must not be afraid of going new ways and thus sharpen our senses and change habits.

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Which generation are you

November 2013, Selandia – Med.Mere

In 2020, for the first time we will experience that we in Denmark have five generations in the labor market at the same time. This means that five different language will be spoken on different platforms with different skills. These five generations must be able to work together and develop businesses, but how do you get such work to get going? Soulaima Gourani will in this article give advices and thoughts on how future management should be handled.

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Networking for beginners

Oktober 2013, Liv Magazine
It is important to create and maintain networks, but how is it done? Soulaima Gourani will in this article tell you how to maintain it.
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“Is there SU enough for everyone?”

September 26th 2013, CBSObserver, by Anders Meldgård Kjemtrup
Foreign students are eligible to receive SU and the question is, whether the Danish education system can handle the pressure of the increased number of foreign students, who can get SU on equal terms with Danish students? Soulaima, together with Ole Christensen (MEP, S) Bendt Bendtsen (MEP, K), Mads Roervig (MF, V) and Mette Kim Bohnstedet (CBS and Harvard) will comment on this topic.
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“It’s not about knowing a lot of people, but about knowing the right ones!”

1. vintage. No: 8, Erhvervsavisen Roskilde (erhvervsFORUM Roskilde)
Want to become better at “networking” then read this article. Networking is not about knowing a lot of people but knowing the right ones. Soulaima gives her view on how to become a better networker, and succeed in strategic networking.

“We have surrounded ourselves with even more crap

September 12th 2013, Alt For Damerne
In this article by Alt For Damerne Soulaima Gourani gives her opinion on that we easily can do without things, we think is necessary in everyday life. She will, for example, avoid senseless shopping and online consumption.
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“Train Your Willpower”

September 2013, Samvirke
In this article by Samvirke, Soulaima Gourani will give you some good advice on how to strengthen your willpower in everyday life. In addition, she will tell you how she managed to quit smoking.
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“She Decided to Prove Them Wrong”

August 2013, Nordic Business Report
This article by Nordic Business Report is about Soulaima Gourani. The article is written in context of that she has been elected to be one of the best female thinkers in the Nordic region.
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“Interview with Soulaima Gourani: Motivation resources for future leaders”

JobHR, FF Forsikring A/S, by Anitabett Milland
This article is an interview with Soulaima Gourani, in which she is asked what she believes the two main motivation resources, which management should focus on, is in the future to create employee satisfaction and hence bottom line.
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“Danish provocateur wins international award”

August 20th 2013, Jyllands Posten – Erhverv & Økonomi, by Julie Mia Fogde
The article is about an interview with Soulaima, where questions about her motivation and purposefulness are asked. In addition, Soulaima is also asked about her title as provocateur, and whether she just provokes because she can?
(The article is in Danish).
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“I feel so empty without you”

August 2013, Alt For Damerne, by Soulaima Gourani
In this article by Soulaima Gourani, Soulaima talks about her grief of losing her father. 7 years ago Soulaima lost her father, and today she is still sorry that they never took the time talking about their problems.
“We were often so angry and disappointed with each other. I should had known that it was because you and I are basically so sensitive.” The article is a love letter to her father, in which she tells him that although she sometimes feels alone without him, she still has her husband and two lovely children to feel safe at.
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August 13th 2013, TV Syd
Four Danes has been named to be the most thoughtful people in the Nordic region, including Soulaima Gourani and Jørgen Mads Clausen.
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“Female provocateur named as one of Scandinavia’s greatest thinkers”

15. August 2013, Politiken, by Martin Borre
August the 16th, Soulaima has been chosen to be one of the 20 best thinkers in Scandinavia.
“It’s so crazy, and I could not believe it when they contacted me. I thought it was a joke,” says Soulaima Gourani. The article is about how Soulaima have ended up where she is today, and that she has proven that even if you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the possibilities are still open.
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“My complete lifestyle change: Want to bet that I’ll reach my goal?”

May 13th 2013, Impossible Is Overrated, by Michael
Soulaima Gourani is known for having inspired many people over the years. This article gives a firsthand story about a young man, Michael, who has been through many hard and difficult times in his childhood and teen years. Michael says that Soulaima was one of his role models that gave him motivation and purposefulness in life.
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“How to motivate employees of the future”

May 14th, FF Forsikring, by Anitabett Milland
The author of this article has asked Soulaima what she sees as the two main-motivations, which management should focus on in the future to create employee wellbeing and hence bottom line.
Read the article and learn more about Soulaima’s opinion on this, and discover which two main-motivation, which management actually should focus on.
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“Soulaima Gourani took control of her career”

May 2013, Det ny’ Magasin
The article is about Soulaima, who she is and what she has been through in her youth. In addition, Soulaima also gives a tip; “Go-on-a-clothing-diet”. The article is in Danish.
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“Management Trend, We are simply becoming more stupid”

April 2013, Tid & Tendenser, af Soulaima Gourani
“Share your knowledge and you will become more knowledgeable”. In this article by Soulaima, she says that we have to share our knowledge at work before it has any kind of value. We must be able to collaborate, to participate in complex contexts and additionally to posses professional competencies.
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“We are both living somewhat on the edge, but we manage to get by”

March 24 2013, ALT for damerne, by Mai Hjalager Gudmundsen
Soulaima Gourani, 37, is a businesswoman, speaker, and author. She lives with her husband Brian and their children Storm and Pil. Soulaima lost her Moroccan father in 2006. An individual’s relationship with his/her father can have a great influence on his/her life. Read Soulaima Gourani’s touching declaration of love to the very first man in her life.
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“Hurrah for the grumblers”

March 21 2013, Samvirke, by Soulaima Gourani
Here in Denmark, we like the so-called “feedback burger,” where you start by saying something positive when you criticize, followed by the actual criticism/feedback, and finally, we wrap it all up with something positive! Why can’t we just say it like it is? It makes no sense to be oh so positive all the time, writes Soulaima Gourani.
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Learn to master gut feelings

February 20 2013, Samvirke, by Soulaima Gourani
Soulaima Gourani takes advantage of her inner guide when she makes big and difficult decisions. And when she can’t feel what she thinks about a specific matter, she asks for time to think it over.
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“Government Summit Called for Sustainable Development Model”

February 13 2013, The Government Summit for the United Arab Emirates
The Government Summit in Dubai called for a ‘sustainable and inclusive’ development model, with international speakers commending the UAE for its success in fostering human resources development as a key priority. Soulaima Gourani is quoted for how to ensure a high level of future service in the public sector on the international side.
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February 12 2013, The Government Summit for the United Arab Emirates
Soulaima Gourani was invited to The Government Summit for the United Arab Emirates i February 2013 to talk about the future of the serviceindustry and how to improve customer satisfaction. Here are the other speakers and people she will be discussin with.
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Goodbye to the boss

January 2013, Ase, by Andrea Luth
The boss’s role isn’t what it used to be. Actually, most employees prefer a boss who acts as a sparring partner. The classic manager role is becoming extinct, experts say, and in the future, managers should focus on delegating responsibility and showing trust.
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It is now—or perhaps never

January 24 2013, Samvirke, by Soulaima Gourani
Soulaima Gourani believes that we shouldn’t always postpone things, and we certainly shouldn’t count on it as a fact that there will be a new day tomorrow. Perhaps today is the last day of your life or the life of your loved ones.
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No super museum without business

January 11 2013, Fyens Stifttidende
Businesspeople would like to know about art, and it is the job of the museums to make sure that they do, says the businesswoman Soulaima Gourani, who is involved in the project of merging the city’s three cultural institutions and sees that as a great opportunity for the city.
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New director of Brandts is sought both in Denmark and abroad

January 11 2013, Fyens Stifttidende, by Malene Birkelund
The fusion board of directors behind the future super museum of visual arts advertises a post for the museum’s new director internationally. “If we are ambitious and want to make the institution known abroad, our new director needs to be internationally oriented,” says member of the board Soulaima Gourani, who has suggested an international candidate to the board of directors.
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CSR is unavoidable

December 10 2012, Markedsføring, by Christian W. Larsen
Soulaima Gourani believes that Corporate Social Responsibility should have been much higher on the agenda in 2012 and that it must be given a higher priority in 2013 and onward. “If the company’s sole purpose is profit, it will lose its foothold in the competition for attracting the young consumers and talents.”
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Teenage girls need a push to make them dare to think big

December 3 2012, Fyens Stiftstidende, by Ulrik Sass
Young girls need a push to give them more self-confidence to act and self-esteem to make the right choices. They must dare to dream and set ambitious goals. Global Dignity Girls is the name of the event that aims to help young girls become more ambitious. The event is sponsored by Soulaima Gourani, chairwoman of Global Dignity Denmark, who herself has taken the jump from a children’s home to becoming a well-known role model.
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A trip to the moon

December 1 2012, Lars Bachmann’s Entrepreneur Christmas calendar, by Soulaima Gourani
Which countries do you think will become the winners in the future? Which type of employees do you think will we need tomorrow? I just came home from a trip to China, where they have decided to send 15,000 teachers out into the world to study which competences China’s school system must include to become competitive in the future. If we are to survive as a nation and be able to compete with, for example, Asia, we simply have to dare to be unrealistic and to dream, and each of us must travel more out into the world.
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The job must make sense from day one

November 29 2012, Jyllands Posten Business, by Line Maria Kristoffersen
The winners of tomorrow will be those companies with a strategy for really understanding how to adjust their organizations for the young people in such a way that both structure and behavior match their attitude toward work, life, and career. According to adviser Soulaima Gourani, the most important questions that business leaders have to ask are these: How do we attract young people below 25 years old? How do we retain them? How do we motivate them?
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Time for plan Z

November 14 2012, Jyllands Posten Business, by Line Maria Kristoffersen
Generation Z people, who are between ages 15 and 25, are the digital natives. Today, more or less every 10th employee is a digital native, and in the next 5 years, this share will double. In 10 years, every third employee will be a digital native. Companies must have a strategy for how to attract, retain, and communicate with the digital natives if they want to be in existence in the next 20 years.
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How many clothes does a woman need?

November 5 2012, Berlingske, by Anne Eisenberg
In the wake of the financial crisis, Danes buy fewer pieces of clothing of better quality. Soulaima Gourani is one of them. She has started on a very strict “clothing diet” and now only owns 36 pieces of clothing. Read her explanation here.
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Soulaima Gourani: Networking is a must

October 28 2012, by Andrea Luth
A network is one of the most important things you can have, whether you are a wage earner, unemployed, or self-employed. The message is clear and comes from speaker, author, and one of the country’s leading businesswomen Soulaima Gourani. We met her for a talk about networking.
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I only need 36 pieces of clothes

October 23, 2012, Samvirke, by Soulaima Gourani
Soulaima Gourani has decided to challenge herself—in a place where only a few women want to be challenged—in the wardrobe. She has gone on a clothing diet.
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The unimportant comma versus joy and passion for life

October 22, 2012,, by Morten Ovesen
A little piece about why IT and media are important in the schools and day care offers kick-started with a talk by Soulaima Gourani—in conclusion, some observations on competence development based on desire and joy. Imagine that!
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5 tips: How to get new contacts in 30 seconds

October 22, 2012, ComOn, by Jacob Ø. Wittorff
Learn what you should talk about if you want people to remember you when you attend an event. And no, people do not want to talk about the weather.
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