Courage to Succeed
Personal Leadership Masterclass

– for ambitious companies

Every kind of employees can benefit from a solid employee development program, whether they are salaried or hourly. It can easily be forgotten in the pressure of everyday business. As a business owner, you can’t afford to cut employee development from your budget. I have designed leadership workshops for international organizations and companies like Maersk, Volvo, Novozymes, National Aviation Services just to mention a few.
It can be 1, 2 or even 3 days. My workshop based on my models for life and career design and personal leadership build on many of my talks, books and bestsellers.

I want YOU to think about:

  • What kind of skills will I need in my company 5-10 years from now ?
  • What will my customers need from my employees?
  • What industry changes can I expect?

My workshops will inspire you to think and plan ahead.

Employee benefits; this workshop gives you knowledge and understanding of the different ways in which yourself and others interpret the same experiences. You will be presented with methods and practical tools to create a positive change in reaction patterns and behaviors, thereby optimizing personal leadership.



My workshops are built according to the “ADIE method”

Analysis (day 1)
Design (day 1)
Implementation (day 2)
Embedding (day 2)

The workshop is active, walking, standing, varied so people will always feel motivated and activated and reflected.

I use film clips, anecdotes, pictures, tasks in groups, 1:1 and personal work.


The Analysis part is essential. It is the first thing we start doing at the workshop after I have spoken briefly about why personal leadership is so important.

I teach them how to set goals and reach them, to brand themselves and to network, sell, develop, motivate and drive themselves and lead others.

In short, “taking responsibility for your own learning and your own development” and being the best possible leader.
I provide qualified input, new inspiration and concrete tools. I enable your employees to deliver their best as human beings and as colleagues, regardless of the type of challenges they are facing.

I need to know something about the people I’m talking to. In other words, they need to know something about themselves. We always start by finding out where they want to go in the next 1-3 years of their lives. And about whether they know where they want to be in 10 years. This is a writing exercise. They are sitting by tables together with other colleagues. We also talk a bit about where they come from, so I know what they bring with them.

  • This is where I find out what drives them.
  • Where does their inner engine come from?
  • What is it that makes them get out of bed every morning.

Everybody has at least one favourite cause. But most of us never finds it. Just as many never get to discover their passion or true talent.
Is it “Passion or Paycheck?” that drives them? According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, 80% of us do not have the career we once dreamed of having1. We talk about how to rediscover your “passion”, reinvent oneself and about how to dare taking the consequences of it all and doing something entirely different.


A good career must be planned and designed, and personal leadership must be maintained. I use the design phase to discuss what they want to develop on a technical, professional and personal level. That is the design phase.

Implementation and embedding

The Implementation phase is where we work together to make a concrete and realistic action plan on how to get there. With my practical tools, tactical skills and strategic overview as well as my global relationships, we can make most things happen.

In other words, I spend hours on “opening up people” in order to see their true potential and to bring them into play in the right way. In this way, they can Embed the new way of living and thinking about themselves, about others and about the future. And also remember, that the things that were once their ambitions, goals and dreams do not necessarily stay the same over time. They and the job and industry are evolving. You can walk around, living an apparently happy life and yet feel completely empty, dark, unfulfilled and caught up in a life you have created yourself. That might easily happen. But that’s not the same as accepting it. Because it actually is possible to change it.

By the end of this workshop, the participants will have the ability to achieve the following goals:

  • Values – they will understand their core values.
  • Have a clear picture on their authentic leadership profile – (they understand their unique journey towards personal leadership).
  • Great skills within conflict management and communication tools.
  • The know about effective and simple decision-making models.
  • They will understand their motivation and drives.
  • A deep dive into integrity and ethics.
  • Get a clear mission, goals and a cause.
  • They know ho to set clear goals and know how to reach them.
  • More energy
  • A much better relationships with colleagues.
  • Ability to control habits and prejudices, the brain (your best friend or worst enemy?)
  • A better adaptability – enhanced ability to change and adapt.
  • Deep understanding of types of power (know their power base)
  • Deeper understanding of clients and service models.
  • Develop strategies for establishing trust and credibility (personal brand)

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