Mystery Service Shopping


Mystery Service Shopping is a valuable tool for the entire organization in its efforts to create satisfied and loyal customers. Mystery Service Shopping is carried out in the form of physical, written, and/or telephone contact with selected customer-facing employee groups. The method is an efficient way to build excellent customer service, and it is carried out in service companies.

The Mystery Service Shopping concept offers the company an overview of the current status of relevant customer-oriented functions. Mystery Service Shopping assesses customer service in daily situations—inquiries, quotations, order handling, complaints, receptions, meetings, etc., and thereby identifies the gap between the company’s and the customer’s perception of the service being provided. Audio and video recordings are used as needed and where possible. Mystery Service Shopping is carried out as a performance evaluation tool that makes it possible for the company to continue to improve their customer service, to let the level of service reflect the company’s values, service standards, policies, professionalism, and desired levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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