Customer Involvement


Is it your company’s ambition to build a closer relationship with your customers? Do you need to know what they think of you and receive suggestions on how you can become even more relevant to your target market segments?


The solution

The solution can be to establish a customer forum that will challenge the way you think about your:

  • products,
  • services,
  • planned activities, and
  • planned or ongoing marketing campaigns.

The solution can be to establish a so-called customer advisory board. This is a group of carefully selected people who advise and guide the company in specific situations. The idea of having a “customer advisory board” is to provide you with feedback on your ideas to help you create more loyal customers who will recommend your company to other customers.


Composition of the “customer advisory board”

The composition of the “customer advisory board” should be based on the desire to strengthen the company’s position as well as their ability to support you with new knowledge and competences. The service is structured differently from company to company, depending on your needs now and in the future. This is what the project could look like:

  • Analysis of the company’s needs: about 1 day
  • Proposal for members of the “customer advisory board”: varies
  • Design of advisory board meetings: about 1 day
  • Facilitation of advisory board meetings: varies
  • Reporting: about 4 hours
  • Evaluation: about 2 hours
  • Specific usage of data, including implementation: per quote

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